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Mobile enterprise

1 - The Rise of the Mobile Enterprise Is Upon UsThe Rise of the Mobile Enterprise Is Upon Us

Organizations are embracing mobile enterprise strategies that take into account the impact mobile apps will have on transforming how the business operates.

2 - Making the Mobile Enterprise ShiftMaking the Mobile Enterprise Shift

73% of the respondents said their companies are planning to mobilize their entire organizations. A full 84% said they will shift focus from mobile apps to creating a mobile enterprise. The telecommunications segment (40%) is leading the way, followed by financial services (36%), manufacturing (34%), energy and utilities (32%), health care/pharmaceutical (32%), transportation (32%) and retail (31%).

3 - Top Reasons for Making the Mobile Enterprise ShiftTop Reasons for Making the Mobile Enterprise Shift

The vast majority (92%) said enterprise mobility is crucial their companies’ customer engagement strategy, while 91% said it is critical to their companies’ competitiveness. In fact, 87% said enterprise mobility is essential to a company’s profitability.

4 - Mobile Enterprise Budget PriorityMobile Enterprise Budget Priority

A full 90% said companies need to invest in enterprise mobility to stay on top of rapid change to operations.

5 - The Path to the Mobile EnterpriseThe Path to the Mobile Enterprise

The overwhelming majority (92%) said new approaches are required to mobilize an entire enterprise. In fact, 85% said custom software apps are key to their strategy.

6 - Top Drivers of Custom App DevelopmentTop Drivers of Custom App Development

Top drivers cited for custom application development include efficiency (56%), security (53%), speed (48%), operational productivity (42%) and customer engagement (37%). Almost six in 10 (59%) said their companies’ budgets for custom app development will increase in 2016.

7 - Top Mobile Enterprise ChallengesTop Mobile Enterprise Challenges

Almost two-thirds (64%) cited agility, speed or security as obstacles to creating a truly mobile enterprise.

8 - Focus on Mobile and the CloudFocus on Mobile and the Cloud

Cloud-based apps/solutions (70%) and enterprise mobility (61%) will provide the biggest returns to their companies in 2016.

9 - Length of Time to Develop an AppLength of Time to Develop an App

28% reported it takes more than six months to deliver a new app; 43% said it takes their company three to six months.

10 - Desire for Feature Parity in AppsDesire for Feature Parity in Apps

89% said they would rather have functional parity across desktop and mobile apps than have separate apps.

11 - Application Security Is CrucialApplication Security Is Crucial

Nearly nine in 10 are concerned about security in custom and pre-packaged applications (86% in both cases).