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Crossing the Great Mobile Divide

IT View of the Mobile AgendaIT View of the Mobile Agenda

A full 66.9% of IT decision-makers feel that IT sets the mobile agenda, but 30.6% said it’s actually the line of business.

Developer View of Mobile AgendaDeveloper View of Mobile Agenda

Most developers (49.7%) said line of business sets the agenda versus the internal IT organization (34.6%), but 15.7% said there is no primary agenda-setter at all.

The Great Mobile Divide: Part IThe Great Mobile Divide: Part I

Nearly 40% of IT decision-makers said they either built the mobile capability for their teams or signed an enterprise license with a vendor, but on average, only 17.9% of developers reported using these tools.

The Great Mobile Divide: Part IIThe Great Mobile Divide: Part II

A full 70.6% of IT decision-makers who’ve implemented HTML5 report a positive experience. Among developers, that figure plummets to 37.2%.

The Great Mobile Divide: Part IIIThe Great Mobile Divide: Part III

In terms of mobile maturity, a majority of IT decision-makers (65.3%) report that their organizations are either “leading-edge” or “somewhat ahead.” Only 34.6% of developers agreed.

Procurement of Mobile Development ToolsProcurement of Mobile Development Tools

IT (61.9%) said it is in charge of that process, but only about half of developers (51.6%) agreed.

Procurement of Mobile Application Development ServicesProcurement of Mobile Application Development Services

IT makes the call here, 63.3% of the time, according to IT decision-makers, and 61.8%, according to developers.

Mobile App Developer ShortageMobile App Developer Shortage

There’s some agreement this is a major challenge. Both developers (33.3%) and IT decision-makers (41.3%) ranked this as the top difficulty they face.

Mobile Platforms SupportedMobile Platforms Supported

Apple iOS and Google Android are de facto standards. The number of developers who reported their organizations support two or more mobile operating systems increased to 83.9% from 80.9% in Q4 2013.

Faster Application Release CycleFaster Application Release Cycle

Developers reported faster rates of release, with 55% saying they release monthly or more frequently, up from 48.6% in Q4 2013.

Wearable Device Interest GrowsWearable Device Interest Grows

A full 62% of IT decision-makers said this is of interest versus 52% of developers.

The New Mobile NormThe New Mobile Norm

90% of developers and 87% of IT decision-makers said it was likely or very likely that connecting mobile apps to both public and enterprise data sources would become the norm.

Mobile Integration TargetsMobile Integration Targets

Custom Web services lead the internal list of services to be connected. Facebook and Twitter top the external ones.