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While I’m not usually one for shameless self-promotion, I need to make an exception today not for myself or for Channel Insider, but for something that IT solution providers will find tremendously useful, and that’s eWEEK Labs new community site. Maybe you are thinking, “Oh, another reviews site.”

And it’s true, this site does offer reviews. But it’s more than that, too. That’s because in addition to the helpful reviews you’ll read from eWEEK Lab analysts, you’ll also get something else — reader-written reviews.

And you’ll also get the opportunity to share your own product experiences with the rest of the eWEEK Labs community.

Have a nightmare time with a particular product deployment? This is your chance to let the world know that it wasn’t as easy as the vendor said it would be. Or maybe you can add a tip that will help another organization avoid some of the pain you went through during the roll out.

Or, perhaps you’ve had a great experience with a particular product and want to spread the technical good word. This is the place to do it.

Or take a look at what analysts or other technicians or users have had to say about Microsoft’s Sharepoint Server 2010, or maybe Open Office, or the HP OfficeJet 6500 wireless all-in-one.

And consider this, it can only help your cause to promote yourself as a trusted advisor if you are sharing your expertise with the world via a site like eWEEK Labs. So come join us.

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