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Need a story to tell your customers about why it’s better to buy through you, a reliable and long-trusted VAR, than directly from Dell? Look no further. The Consumerist blog has posted the story of a Dell customer who had a Dell technician visit to repair the headphone jack on her Dell Inspiron 9100.

Well, according to the customer, the technician arrived drunk and reeking of booze and cigarettes. He then proceeded to “install” with a hammer parts that would not fit on her motherboard, cracking the case and putting nail holes through the wrist pad. Ultimately, she had to send it back to Dell for real repairs. The company returned it without fixing the initial problem, the malfunctioning headphone jack.

Had she bought through a trusted local source, she likely would have received real technical and customer service.

It’s just one example of how the “value” part of VAR comes into play.