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1What Work-Life Balance?

A recent study by InterCall provides some interesting insight into what your employees and customers may be feeling, and, not surprisingly in today’s economic environment, it’s not good. In fact, 30 percent of American workers say they feel like they need to stay connected to work 24/7, even during weekends, breaks or holidays.

2The Boss’s Watchful Eye

25 percent of American workers say they view their job security as partially dependent on their supervisor seeing they are connected to work even after hours. In fact, one in four workers worry that if they don’t stay connected to their work during their time off they may be seen as less committed to their jobs.

3Bye Bye Vacation

17 percent of Americans report that it’s frowned upon if they don’t connect to work when on vacation and about 15 percent plan to attend at least one work-related call or web meeting during the next vacation they will take.

4More Work, Less Time Away

Almost 40 percent of employed Americans report that they are doing the job of two people because of the current economic environment and reduced staff across the board. A full 48 percent who employ technology in their everyday work agree that given the current economic environment, they are constantly required to do more work with fewer resources.

5Collaboration Tools Key to Less Stress?

72 percent say that advanced technology, such as conferencing and collaboration tools, enables them to work faster and better while improving employee morale.

6Top Conferencing and Collaboration Drivers

The most frequently cited reasons for using audio, web and video conferencing at work are: to be more productive&#15121 percent improved collaboration with colleagues and partners&#15119 percent to keep projects moving ahead&#15117 percent

7More Drivers

Workers also report using audio, web and video conferencing at work to be able to multitask&#15116 percent reduce travel costs&#15116 percent stay connected when away&#15110 percent because of the flexibility to take meetings in a location of choice&#15110 percent

8Tech Respite

More than 80 percent of American workers say that technology helps them be more efficient and more productive at work. And, 58 percent say that technology gives them a competitive advantage over their colleagues.