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1Business Video Conferencing Telepresence for Every Budget

LifeSize Passport”Telepresence in the palm of your hand” is how LifeSize describes its portable telepresence product. The system provides an HD video telepresence system in a small, compact form factor about the size of the palm of your hand.Price tag: Starting at $2499

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LG Executive Video Communications System powered by LifeSizeAvailable in September 2010, the one-person telepresence solution designed in collaboration by LG and LifeSize will feature interoperability with several unified communications vendors’ systems.Price tag: $2999

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Polycom HDX 6000 SeriesThe Polycom HDX 6000 Series is designed to be used by one or two people in a small room. It’s positioned as an affordable telepresence solution that can connect to multiple endpoints.Price tag: Starting at $4,999

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LifeSize Express 220Architected with small working groups, teams or individual workgroups in mind, the LifeSize Express 220 is a full high definition video system that is meant to be both affordable and scalable.Price tag: Starting at $6999

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Polycom HDX 4000 SeriesAnother “personal telepresence” solution, the Polycom HDX 4000 Series was designed to be used at the desktop, with the system sitting on someone’s desk. Both standard definition and high definition versions are available.Price tag: Starting at $8,299

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Tandberg EX90A desktop telepresence unit, the Tandberg EX90 is another in the “personal telepresence” category. Designed to sit on a desk and be used by one person, the EX90 offers high definition telepresence in a desktop form factor.Price tag: $9,900

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Polycom HDX 7000 SeriesThe Polycom HDX 7000 Series caters to small- and medium-sized business environments. Unlike the HDX 4000, the HDX 7000 is only available in high definition. It’s outfitted with one camera and monitor, and is designed to be a room telepresence unit.Price tag: Starting at $9,999

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LifeSize Team 220With an embedded four-way, high definition multipoint control unit and dual microphones, the LifeSize Team 220 was built to meet the needs of teams. Although similar to the Express 220 unit, the Team 220 unit features dual microphones for more natural telepresence communications.Price tag: Starting $11,999

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Polycom HDX 8000 SeriesMoving away from the single monitor telepresence solutions, the Polycom HDX 8000 Series features two side-by-side monitors for room-based telepresence setups. It can support up to four participants in a single conference.Price tag: Starting at $15,999

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LifeSize Room 220LifeSize Room 220 comes with an eight-way continuous presence multi-point bridge that shows up to four visible sites. Designed to be deployed in rooms, the solution is equipped with two high-definition monitors and two cameras.Price tag: Starting $16,999

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Polycom HDX 9000 SeriesThe HDX 9000 has been designed to be ideal for room deployments. It’s equipped with two monitors, up to three cameras, and up to four microphones.Price tag: starting at $22,999

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Cisco TelePresence System 500Considered “personal telepresence” by Cisco, the Telepresence System 500 has the smallest footprint of Cisco’s telepresence products. It’s designed for use by one or two users.Price tag: $33,900

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LifeSize Conference 200At the high end of the LifeSize telepresence product portfolio is the LifeSize Conference 200, which features four monitors and four cameras. It was designed to be placed in a fixed telepresence suite, and it can support up to six people per room.Price tag: Starting $49,999

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Cisco TelePresence System 1000The Cisco TelePresence System 1000 was developed to support small groups or one-on-one meetings. With a single monitor, the high definition system supports two people per room, but it can support multi-point meetings of up to 48 locations.Price tag: Starting at $99,000

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HP Halo Collaboration Center (2-seater)Two monitors provide face-to-face communication and collaboration capabilities in the first of the HP Halo Collaboration Center products. It can support two people per site (and meetings of up to four people).Price tag: $125,000

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HP Halo Collaboration Center (4-seater)A larger monitor and additional space for two more people per site gives this Halo Collaboration Center solution the ability to host telepresence meetings of up to eight peoplePrice tag: $135,000

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Tandberg Telepresence T1Designed for regional offices and small rooms, the Tandberg Telepresence T1 solution supports two to three people per site. It comes with one monitor, one camera and a smaller monitor built into the room’s desk for collaboration and sharing.Price tag: Starting at $139,000

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Polycom Telepresence Experience (TPX) 306MWith three 60-inch flat panel displays and three cameras (as well as displays for collaboration and sharing), the Polycom Telepresence Experience 306M is suitable for small group meetings. It can accommodate six people per site.Price tag: Starting at $249,999

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HP Halo Collaboration Meeting RoomWith four plasma monitors, a collaboration screen, four three cameras and three microphones, the HP Halo Collaboration Meeting Room can accommodate up to six people per site.Price tag: $249,000

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Polycom Open Telepresence Experience (OTX) 300As a room telepresence solution, the Polycom Open Telepresence Experience 300 has three monitors, three cameras, three microphones and a collaboration screen. It can support up to six people per site.Price tag: $289,999

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Tandberg Telepresence T3Similar to the T1 solution, the Tandberg Telepresence T3 is equipped with three monitors and three cameras, supporting six to nine people per site. Tandberg designed the solution for headquarters and larger rooms.Price tag: Starting at $299,000

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Cisco TelePresence System 3000 SeriesThe Cisco TelePresence System 3000 is equipped with three 65-inch plasma screens, three cameras and three microphones, as well as a collaboration screen. Deployed in a room, the solution can accommodate up to six people per site.Price tag: Starting at $299,000

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Polycom RealPresence Experience (RPX) SeriesThe top end of the Polycom telepresence product portfolio is the RealPresence Experience. Designed for groups up to 28 participants per room (depending on configuration), the telepresence solution features one large monitor for seamless video. It facilitates everything from small to large meetings. Price tag: Starting at $299,999

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Cisco TelePresence System 3200At the top end of the Cisco telepresence portfolio is the TelePresence System 3200, which can support up to 18 people per site. It comes with three monitors and three cameras, as well as two collaboration screens.Price tag: Starting at $340,000

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HP Halo Collaboration StudioThe HP Halo Collaboration Studio sits at the high end of the HP telepresence product portfolio. It comes equipped with three cameras and four plasma monitors (including a high definition collaboration screen). It can accommodate up to 12 people per site.Price tag: $349,000