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Hybrid clouds

1 - How Decision-Makers Perceive Hybrid Cloud BenefitsHow Decision-Makers Perceive Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Here’s a look at how decision-makers are taking advantage of hybrid cloud environments and the returns they are reaping.

2 - Success FactorSuccess Factor

Nine out of 10 report hybrid clouds are critical to their business strategy and success.

3 - Digital TransformationDigital Transformation

85% of leaders said a hybrid approach to the cloud is accelerating the digital transformation in their organizations.

4 - Combatting Shadow ITCombatting Shadow IT

81% of leaders believe the hybrid cloud helps reduce shadow IT in their organizations.

5 - Better CollaborationBetter Collaboration

85% of leaders believe hybrid cloud drives more collaboration between IT and line-of-business pros.

6 - Improved SecurityImproved Security

Eight in 10 leaders said they are improving security and reducing risk with hybrid cloud. They also believe hybrid helps ensure availability and access to critical data.

7 - Meeting Compliance RequirementsMeeting Compliance Requirements

More than six in 10 (62%) leaders believe hybrid cloud helps them meet compliance requirements.

8 - Greater ROIGreater ROI

Nine in 10 leaders in the adoption of hybrid cloud said it gives them greater ROI than an all-traditional or all-cloud environment.

9 - Reducing CostsReducing Costs

85% of leaders are reducing costs with hybrid cloud by shifting fixed costs to variable costs.

10 - Greater InnovationGreater Innovation

82% of leaders are using hybrid clouds to innovate products and services more rapidly, accelerating the innovation process by streamlining workflows.

11 - Mobility MovesMobility Moves

83% of leaders report that hybrid cloud is essential to their mobile strategy and initiatives.