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Cloud migration

1 - Clouds Are Becoming UbiquitousClouds Are Becoming Ubiquitous

More than 90% of companies CompTIA surveyed claim some form of cloud computing. This percentage has continued to edge up in the past few years.

2 - What Is Spurring Move to Cloud?What Is Spurring Move to Cloud?

41% of respondents said cloud computing is pushing them in new directions; 36% pointed to customer demand for different services and IT delivery models as a business transformation catalyst.

3 - Cloud Is a Plus for the ChannelCloud Is a Plus for the Channel

93% of respondents said the cloud’s impact on the channel has been positive or extremely positive in the last five years. The preliminary data shows that few saw a negative impact.

4 - Cloud Contributes to Channel Companies' Top LineCloud Contributes to Channel Companies’ Top Line

Four in 10 channel firms expect their cloud revenue to grow by 15% or more in the coming year.

5 - Cloud Security Remains a ChallengeCloud Security Remains a Challenge

Security remains a major issue in the cloud. “Sometimes it’s so big [of a challenge] that people don’t know what questions to ask,” said Seth Robinson, director of technology analysis at CompTIA.

6 - Cloud Competition Heats UpCloud Competition Heats Up

The public cloud is taking shape around three main players: Amazon, Microsoft and Google, Robinson said. Solution providers are building offerings around major players’ products as well as those of other cloud vendors in the mix.

7 - Mobility's Advantages in the WorkplaceMobility’s Advantages in the Workplace

In a CompTIA survey on mobility, respondents found that its key benefits were keeping employees connected (58%), higher productivity (55%), the ability to reach employees at any time (55%), the improved availability to engage with customers (48%) and the improved ability to collaborate (46%).

8 - Mobility's Challenges in the WorkplaceMobility’s Challenges in the Workplace

Top challenges included the mobile skill level of the general staff (45%), making systems accessible securely (36%), determining the cost/ROI of mobile solutions (33%), the mobility skill level of IT staff (31%) and users not familiar with company policy (30%).

9 - Big Data, Big ChallengesBig Data, Big Challenges

Eight in 10 executives polled in CompTIA’s big data study agreed with the statement: “If we could harness all of our data, we’d be a much stronger business.”

10 - Millennials in the WorkplaceMillennials in the Workplace

By 2025, millennials will make up three-fourths of the workforce, said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA. Millennials will change the DNA of the workplace, he said.

11 - Millennials Differ From Previous GenerationsMillennials Differ From Previous Generations

Millennials are versed in Google Docs, Dropbox apps and related consumer technology, “but they sometimes have sticker shock when it comes to technology specific to a vertical industry,” said Carolyn April, director of industry analysis at CompTIA.

12 - Learning to Work With MillennialsLearning to Work With Millennials

“Millennials still want IT staff or solution providers to help them with technology, but they want a seat at the table,” April said.