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Shadow IT

1 - 12 Important Facts About Shadow IT12 Important Facts About Shadow IT

Shadow IT’s continued growth creates opportunities for service providers to help businesses deal with its associated risks—and deliver approved services.

2 - Shadow IT Use Is ExtensiveShadow IT Use Is Extensive

77% of respondents said that departments within their organization have used a cloud service without the involvement of the IT department, and 71% said shadow IT has been happening in their organizations for up to two years.

3 - Shadow IT Is on the RiseShadow IT Is on the Rise

83% of respondents believe that Shadow IT will increase over the next two years.

4 - Free Cloud Storage UseFree Cloud Storage Use

70% of respondents believe that the usage of free cloud storage will increase over the next two years.

5 - Skipping IT ApprovalSkipping IT Approval

77% of respondents have used a third-party cloud app without the approval or knowledge of their IT departments.

6 - Looking the Other WayLooking the Other Way

63% of business respondents are aware of other departments using cloud applications without notifying their IT departments.

7 - Where Is Cloud Data Stored?Where Is Cloud Data Stored?

56% of respondents do not know which country their cloud-based data is stored in. Yet 80% believe that their data stored in the cloud is critical to running their departments.

8 - Drivers for Shadow ITDrivers for Shadow IT

Key factors spurring shadow IT are increased productivity (62%), increased efficiency (60%) and the fact that it frees up the IT department’s time (58%).

9 - Popular Cloud ServicesPopular Cloud Services

Shadow IT cloud services in use include app software (SaaS) (56%); servers and storage (IaaS) (48%); public cloud (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google Cloud Platform) (39%); and cloud-based virtual machines for development and testing (29%).

10 - Popular AppsPopular Apps

83% of respondents use popular free, unregulated cloud storage applications, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud and Amazon Cloud Drive, for sharing company information.

11 - Limiting FunctionalityLimiting Functionality

77% of respondents believe that the withdrawal of shadow IT cloud services would limit their department’s functionality.

12 - Cloud AmnestyCloud Amnesty

83% of business managers said they would participate in a “cloud amnesty” program in which users could turn in their shadow IT cloud contracts with no action taken.