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Cloud security

1 - Privacy PreferencesPrivacy Preferences

52% said they’re planning to migrate apps and/or data that were primarily part of a public cloud environment to a hosted, private cloud within the next year, and 19% said they’ll migrate these apps and/or data to an on-premise cloud model.

2 - Moving Off PremisesMoving Off Premises

Within two years, survey participants said their organization will devote an average of 59% of its total IT budget to hosting services, SaaS or other basic, off-premises services, while dedicating 40% of the tech budget to on-premises infrastructure and staff.

3 - Virtualized Infrastructure or Private CloudVirtualized Infrastructure or Private Cloud

These respondents said they’ll allocate 66% of their on-premise infrastructure spending to virtualized infrastructure or the private cloud in two years, while just 34% of that budget will support stand-alone, non-virtualized infrastructure.

4 - Exterior DesignsExterior Designs

These respondents expect to designate 66% of their off-premise infrastructure spending to either hosted private clouds, the public cloud or basic Website hosting within two years, with dedicated servers accounting for only 33% of the rest.

5 - What's Driving the Hybrid Cloud MigrationWhat’s Driving the Hybrid Cloud Migration

35% consider security the top driver of hybrid cloud migration, while 19% cite increased team control and 17% said it’s performance.

6 - Spending Breakdowns: Managed Services Spending Breakdowns: Managed Services 

68% said backup and recovery will represent a significant portion of their managed services spending over the next two years, while 54% cited disaster recovery/site recovery and 47% said app development tools and platforms will serve as a major focus here.

7 - Spending Breakdowns: App HostingSpending Breakdowns: App Hosting

57% said database needs will account for a significant portion of their app hosting spending, while 54% predicted that email services and 49% said business apps, such as enterprise resource planning tools, will represent a large share.

8 - Spending Breakdowns: Security ServicesSpending Breakdowns: Security Services

46% predicted that endpoint security will represent a significant portion of their security services spending, while 45% said that the encryption of confidential data stored in the cloud and 43% said Web application firewalls will serve as primary focuses.

9 - Strategic VoiceStrategic Voice

55% said both IT architects and software developers are influential in evaluating providers for hosting and cloud services, and 52% said IT infrastructure managers are.

10 - Vendor OptionsVendor Options

35% said it’s most likely that a telecommunications provider will win their hosting project business, and 33% said it will probably be a hosting provider.