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1Monstercom Survey As Economy Recovers IT Jobs Poised to Spike

Hope on the HorizonThe joint report based on Technisource and’s, “2010 IT HIRE Intelligence Survey,” indicates recovery, and, dare we say, growth may be on the horizon for the IT sector and the economy as a whole. A full 83 percent of survey respondents say their companies are planning to hire in the next six months.

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IT Jobs at the top of the Priority ListAnd 78 percent of those polled across multiple industries said they plan to hire IT workers. Respondents also said they are “confident their company’s performance will improve” across the same time period.

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Applications and Infrastructure in Highest DemandDevelopers and technology pros with experience in applications and infrastructure are in luck. Those positions rank highest in hiring priority for the next six months. Project Management and Business Analysts were next on the list, with Telecom and ERP positions the lowest on the in-demand list.

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Top Qualifications for New HiresIf you’re looking for a new position, some recruiters advise you keep your resume fluid and customize it before you submit. Beyond type of work experience, 68 percent of hiring managers are searching for candidates who fit into their culture and who have more years experience.

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How does HR Find You?It’s a brave new digital world out there, and the days of paper resumes and extensive cover letters are past. HR Managers and recruiters are scouring job boards, the Web and social media sites looking for top IT Talent. Respondents also said they are reaching out for referrals, too.

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Attracting IT TalentSo what makes a top-tier IT person gravitate to a position? According to respondents, salary and position stability are at the top of the desirability list, but a company’s reputation came in a close third in order of importance.