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By Melanie Grano

NTT helps companies make the most of their digital transformations.

The digital revolution is changing the world of business. It’s opening up new opportunities and enabling businesses to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. However, embedding that technology is easier said than done.

This is where NTT comes in. The group has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. At every step of the way it has been at the forefront of innovation. Today, it has thousands of IT specialists covering 190 countries delivering customized and innovative service to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Drawing on their in-depth expertise they deliver full stack technology services through their integrated services platform to help companies achieve their digital transformation goals.

Working as a long-term strategic partner, NTT helps its clients embrace technology to:

• Enhance the customer and employee experience

• Transform their cloud strategy

• Modernize networks

• Strengthen cyber security

• Automate business processes

• Use data to generate insights and analytics

With this approach, NTT says it can harness digital technology as a force for good.

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Every digital transformation project is unique and requires a customized approach. Using its market leading technology and experience, NTT offers expertise across the spectrum, helping businesses with just about any part of their digital transformation projects. These are:

Managed services

Their intelligent platform-based services simplify the management of day-to-day operations and helps clients build, innovate and manage every stage of their journey.


They help their clients manage their agile innovation while maintaining security. They work with clients to identify the risks they may face in a more digital and connected future to maintain their security and resilience. Every year they mitigate more than 2,000 cyber security specialists mitigate two billion security threats and analyze 6.2 billion threats.   


The cloud holds the key to the digital transformation future. With more than 17 years’ experience, and 300 cloud experts, they provide consultation, deployment and managed services to help clients develop a tailored cloud solution.

Data centers

NTT is a top three provider of data centers with more than half a million square foot of data center space across 160 data centers reaching 20 countries. As a carrier neutral operator, their data center network provides a highly scalable and resilient platform to foster growth and innovation. 


Digital transformation is challenging. Without proper guidance, projects can easily go wrong. NTT offers powerful consulting services which help companies complete their journey from developing strategy, to choosing technologies and implementation. Using their extensive knowledge, they ensure that all solutions have been tailor made around each business’s requirements.


The digital future is defined by a shift away from legacy hardware to subscription-based software as a service. These services allow organizations to optimize IT operations and improve the availability of infrastructure.


They deliver client-centric and data-driven IT support services across multiple vendors. This provides NTT clients with higher availability, reduced operational complexity and frees up IT staff to focus on digital transformation. By leveraging their innovative digital capabilities, they help their clients to maximize the value of their IT assets. 

Target markets

NTT aims to help businesses of all sizes achieve their digital transformation goals. The company has worked with some of the leading Fortune 500 companies and has worked on major projects including smart city projects, major sporting events and sustainable innovation.

Its main sectors include:

Banking: Driving data-driven technologies aligned with the latest regulation and financial sector requirements.

Education: Amplifying education outcomes with digital technologies. 

Sport: Revolutionizing the world of sports in the home, on the field and in stadia.

Health care: The need to reduce costs while improving outcomes puts technology at the heart of health care’s future.

Manufacturing: Preparing companies for the arrival of the industry 4.0 environment with advanced digital technologies such as automation, analytics and intelligent infrastructure.

Insurance: Harnessing internet of things (IoT) technology and automation to improve the delivery of insurance products to clients of all sizes. 

Retail: Helping companies use digital technologies to transform the customer experience.

NTT positions itself as using technology as a force for good. It has been named as the Business Avenger for Sustainable Cities and Communities, investigating ways in which technologies can ensure cities operate in a more connected and sustainable way.  


NTT works in partnership with the leading vendors of technologies in the world including:

Cisco: Delivering outcomes with agile, secure infrastructure and workplace collaboration.

Microsoft: With Microsoft technologies, they create digital environments which enable collaboration with teams across the world.

Dell: Helping clients create an infrastructure for progress to redefine IT.

Palo Alto Networks: Using technology from Palo Alto Networks together with their services, they can help firms create robust, agile and predictable cyber security capabilities.

Other partners include Google Cloud, AWS, Juniper Networks and NetApp among others.

With these partners, NTT delivers a unique level of capability and capacity, enabling them to harness the very latest technologies and deliver more and more value for their clients.

Industry recognition

These partnerships have helped the company develop a reputation for consistently delivering market leading services. Over the past year, they have won a collection of awards for innovation and performance including:  

• 2020 Asian Business Awards: Smart City Project of the Year and Wholesale operator of the year.

• SBR International Business awards: Won two awards in Omnichannel Customer Experience, and Technology categories.

• World Communications Awards: Won the Smart Cities and Environmental Impact Awards.

• Frost & Sullivan 2020 Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards: Asia-Pacific Cloud Infrastructure Services Provider, Customer Experience System Integrator and Managed Security Service Provider of the Year among others.

• 2020 Splunk Partner Awards: 2021 Global Partner Solution of the Year and APAC Sales Partner of the Year awards.

• Cisco Partner Summit: Technology Excellence: Data Center winner and Customer Experience Partner of the Year. 

Financial position

NTT (TYO: 9432) has enjoyed considerable growth over the past few years. However, as with many businesses, the company has faced problems during the pandemic. In its financial reports, the company highlighted supporting the shift to remote working as an opportunity.

Financial results exceeded expectations. Operating revenue decreased to ¥8,738 billion, a dip of 1.4% on the previous year.

However, operating income increased by 3.6% to ¥1,502.3B with a profit of ¥831.2B, up 4.3% on the previous year.

NTT’s future looks bright. Digital transformation was already well under way at most businesses before the pandemic. However, the currency crisis has accelerated adoption. Working with their partners and leaning on their experience, NTT is helping companies become data-driven enterprises, fit for the digital future.

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