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Software asset management

1 - Why Software Asset Management MattersWhy Software Asset Management Matters

Businesses could be putting themselves at risk, including for shadow IT, due to lack of up-to-date software asset management tools and processes.

2 - IT Spending DisconnectIT Spending Disconnect

Only 33% of organizations have SAM processes in place, despite global businesses and governments spending $579 billion on software and $361 billion on hardware in 2015.

3 - Decentralized RepositoryDecentralized Repository

More than 30% said their organizations have an inconsistent or decentralized software repository, due to a range of problems, including insufficient business buy-in, data quality issues, licensing complexity, a lack of skills from IT staff, and underlying licensing complexity.

4 - Full VisibilityFull Visibility

Only 17% have tools to accurately track and understand the complexity of the software that is in use across their organizations’ desktop workspace.

5 - Shadow IT ImpactShadow IT Impact

Business and employee purchases account for 40% of a company’s IT spending.

6 - Audit RiskAudit Risk

Nearly 60% of businesses have been audited more than four times per year, representing potentially huge costs due to unplanned/unscheduled work.

7 - Less Visibility Equals More AuditsLess Visibility Equals More Audits

37% of businesses deal with one to three audits per year, 47% experience at least four to 10 audits per year, and at least 12% undergo 10 or more audits per year.

8 - Draining ResourcesDraining Resources

37% of software is unused, at a cost of $30 billion to businesses in the U.S. alone, according to 1E’s recent benchmark study of the “Real Cost of Unused Software.”

9 - Shift to Cloud-Based ServicesShift to Cloud-Based Services

29% of an IT organization’s application portfolio is being deployed in the cloud, but this is expected to increase with 42% of all applications being deployed in the cloud within the next two years.