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1Top 5 Reasons to Switch to 80211n


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1. Dealing with More Data – and FASTYep – 11n is fast, as in: really, really fast. Enterprises are grappling with larger amounts of data every day, and moving that data over aging infrastructure slows down collaboration and burdens legacy networks. With 802.11n, users enjoy five times the data throughput, meaning 300+Mbps instead of 54Mbps.

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2. Goodbye Dead ZoneProponents say days of the dreaded dead zone are kaput if 11n-enabled network access points are configured correctly. Plus, new standards in 11n networks almost guarantee the elimination of dead zones in environments where a down network means disaster, like hospitals.

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3. Hello Cost ContainmentThe greater and more extensive coverage of 802.11n networks provides substantial cost-savings to users. A larger coverage area means less access points (APs), and, fewer APs reduces upfront investment and lowers maintenance costs, leaving VARs an opportunity to provide additional services and drive more revenue.

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4. The Reality of the Mobile WorkforceYes, the mobile workforce is a reality. More and more, employees are away from their desks, roaming locations, collaborating and accessing Web applications. Factor in the explosion of mobile IP-enabled devices in every industry from healthcare to manufacturing and tethering to a wire is near to impossible.

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5. Upgrading and Management Made EasyToday’s wireless LANs are software-driven and some products like Bluesocket’s vWLAN are tapping virtualization technologies, making upgrades and management easier for the enterprise and more cost-effective for the service provider. VARs looking to increase service margins and deliver Wi-Fi networks that offer the customer zero failover time, benefit greatly from more 11n installs.

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VARs Poised to GainTexas-based reseller Solid IT Networks credits the market’s need for speed and Bluesocket’s products and innovative use of virtualization for its recent surge in n upgrade business. “Those Bluesocket bad boys are fast–they’ll take a lot more info and push it down that wire,” says J. Dee Flamming, vice president at Solid IT Networks. “Virtualization is what makes it so intriguing – it’s a complete departure from everyone else’s philosophy.”