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cloud confidence

1 - High HopesHigh Hopes

The semiconductor confidence index is 59, up from the most recent low of 46 in 2011. A value above 50 for the next year is considered optimistic.

2 - Sales SurgeSales Surge

81% of semiconductor senior executives said they expect their companies’ revenue to grow over the next year, compared with 77% a year ago.

3 - Steady InvestmentSteady Investment

48% said they anticipate that their capital spending (for equipment and software) would increase by more than 5% over the next year, which is slightly higher than it was a year ago.

4 - Research EffortResearch Effort

47% predicted that their R&D spending would increase by more than 5% in 2015, which is down from 52% a year ago.

5 - Personnel DecisionPersonnel Decision

38% said they expect to expand their workforce by more than 5% in 2015, which is the same as a year ago.

6 - Top Semiconductor Growth Drivers, Part I Top Semiconductor Growth Drivers, Part I 

61% said that sensors would emerge as the “most important” driver of industry growth and 54% said microprocessors would.

7 - Top Semiconductor Growth-Driving Sectors, Part IITop Semiconductor Growth-Driving Sectors, Part II

50% indicated that optoelectronics would play a lead role in driving industry growth and 47% said memory technologies would.

8 - Essential AppsEssential Apps

55% said that cloud computing apps would most support their revenue stream over the next year while 53% said that big data/analytics apps would.

9 - Market ForecastMarket Forecast

66% said that the medical market would provide the strongest growth opportunities in 2015, and 62% said the networking and communications market would.

10 - Major HurdlesMajor Hurdles

43% said that increasing R&D costs would present some of the biggest industry challenges for the next three years while 37% said tech breakthroughs would. And 32% said the high cost of plants and equipment would bring on significant challenges.

11 - Transaction ToolTransaction Tool

56% predicted that mobile payments would become the dominant method of payment within the next two years.