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Windows 10 installation

1 - How IT Plans to Deploy Windows 10 and ConfigMgrHow IT Plans to Deploy Windows 10 and ConfigMgr

Organizations are slowly switching to Windows 10, and nearly four out of five plan to use ConfigMgr to assist with deployment, a new survey shows.

2 - Something Old, Something NewSomething Old, Something New

One-half of survey respondents said at least a portion of their systems run on Windows 10, 90% said the same about Windows 7 and 61% about Windows 8.

3 - Baby StepsBaby Steps

Only 12% said their companies have installed Windows 10 on 5% or more of their systems.

4 - Tools of ChoiceTools of Choice

78% plan to use ConfigMgr to assist in their deployment of Windows 10, and 53% intend to use the Microsoft Development Toolkit.

5 - Mass AdoptionMass Adoption

85% said their organizations are already using a version of ConfigMgr.

6 - Swift TransitionSwift Transition

53% said their companies will move to the new ConfigMgr within a year.

7 - Anticipated Issues: Deployment Time, Product MaturityAnticipated Issues: Deployment Time, Product Maturity

57% said they are concerned about the time it will take to deploy ConfigMgr, and 35% voiced reservations about the product’s maturity.

8 - Anticipated Issues: Infrastructure Readiness and CostsAnticipated Issues: Infrastructure Readiness and Costs

32% said there are potential issues with infrastructure readiness and ConfigMgr, and 20% said they are concerned about costs.

9 - Product PushProduct Push

65% said the deployment or updating/managing of Windows 10 is driving their interest in the new ConfigMgr. Three of 10 say application management needs are driving this interest.

10 - Windows of OpportunityWindows of Opportunity

86% said that getting access to Windows 10 updates plays an important role in their decision to migrate to the new ConfigMgr.

11 - Battling BottlenecksBattling Bottlenecks

66% said they’re concerned that frequent, incremental releases of ConfigMgr versions could increase their workloads or slow operations.