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Interconnected enterprises

1 - How Interconnected Enterprises Spur Business GainsHow Interconnected Enterprises Spur Business Gains

The trend toward interconnected enterprises is creating new opportunities for VADs, VARs, MSPs and SIs. Here’s why.

2 - More Interconnected EnterprisesMore Interconnected Enterprises

By 2017, 84% of respondents will deploy IT infrastructure where interconnection—defined as “direct, secure physical or virtual connections between a company and its partners, customers and employees”—is at the core. This compares to only 38% today.

3 - Growing AwarenessGrowing Awareness

75% of global businesses are “extremely” or “very familiar” with interconnection.

4 - Top IT StrategiesTop IT Strategies

40% of enterprises say revenue growth is their top IT strategy priority, followed by employee productivity (23%), cost reduction (19%) and fast execution (18%).

5 - Top Growth StrategyTop Growth Strategy

Nearly 69% of respondents said the top revenue growth strategy is deploying infrastructures to support new product offerings, followed by closely by creating new channels or systems of engagement between the enterprise and its customers, partners and employees (68%).

6 - Growth DriversGrowth Drivers

Other revenue growth drivers include deploying infrastructures in new geographies (55%), and embedding or distributing intelligence (analytics, data, content) across business processes, regions or office locations (54%).

7 - Establishing ConnectionsEstablishing Connections

With revenue growth as a top IT priority, three in five businesses said establishing direct and secure interconnections with their employees, partners and customers is “very important” to their ability to compete.

8 - More MoneyMore Money

More than one-third of survey respondents who have already deployed interconnection solutions report greater than $10 million in value created; 58% of this value stems from increased revenue opportunities, while 42% attributed the value to cost savings.

9 - Multi-Cloud Interconnectivity RulesMulti-Cloud Interconnectivity Rules

86% of companies plan to interconnect to multiple clouds across many locations in the next five years.

10 - Security WorriesSecurity Worries

64% report that cyber-security concerns could drive them to consider re=architecting their IT infrastructure in the next 12 months.

11 - Impact on PrioritiesImpact on Priorities

For companies that have yet to deploy interconnection, only 50% cited “reduce risks, improve security and minimize exposure” as a reason to explore interconnection, compared with 71% of the interconnected enterprises that ranked security as a key interconnection driver.