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Data Analysis as a Service Can Cut Customer Costs

Data Analysis as a Service Can Cut Customer CostsData Analysis as a Service Can Cut Customer Costs

By Gina Roos

Big InvestmentsBig Investments

36% of respondents said they spend $100,000 to $499,000 on analytics solutions, including systems, people and processes, 26% said they spend $500,000 to $999,999, and 20% spend $1 million to $9 million.

Reporting ChallengesReporting Challenges

63% said the biggest problem with analytics is that it takes too long to get meaningful reports and analysis from their data. Other challenges include inaccurate data, difficulty making business decisions and doing predictive modeling, and obstacles getting access to existing data.

Open to New SolutionsOpen to New Solutions

23% of respondents rated the concept of a cloud-based analytics software and service solution “excellent,” and 59% said it was a “good” idea.

Top Wish List ServicesTop Wish List Services

58% cited data analysis-as-a-service as the most desired service, followed by data modeling (47%), business consulting (43%), dashboard development (42%), master data management (36%), mobile data analytics (34%), and merging internal data with external data (30%).

Big BenefitsBig Benefits

70% of respondents rated an analytics software and service solution as “very” or “completely relevant” to their business, and “very” to “extremely” beneficial to their business.

Packaging OptionsPackaging Options

71% said they prefer a hybrid of standard and custom solutions, 9% prefer a fully custom solution and 8% prefer a fully standard service.

Customization RulesCustomization Rules

58% said they were interested in a custom analytics solution in the cloud while 32% wanted a packaged solution in the cloud.

If You Build It, They Will Buy ItIf You Build It, They Will Buy It

If the price is right, 45% said they are “very likely” to buy the services solution, 20% said “completely likely” and 27% said “moderately likely.”

Delivery Model PreferencesDelivery Model Preferences

58% said their preferred delivery method is to “create a custom analytics solution in the cloud,” followed by “transfer your existing analytics solution to the cloud” (43%) and “packaged SaaS analytics solution in the cloud” (32%).

Pricing ModelsPricing Models

Of the proposed pricing models, 43% of respondents preferred monthly recurring fees, 38% preferred annual recurring fees, 29% wanted a one-time fee and 18% favored a mix of one-time and recurring fees.