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10 Reasons to Update Legacy Monitoring Tools

10 Reasons to Update Legacy Monitoring Tools10 Reasons to Update Legacy Monitoring Tools

Here’s why organizations should examine the state of their legacy monitoring tools and update them as they implement new infrastructure initiatives.

Cost of Outdated ToolsCost of Outdated Tools

84% of respondents are monitoring their infrastructure, but only 11% are satisfied with the capabilities and ROI of their current performance management platform.

What They MonitorWhat They Monitor

Most organizations are focused on monitoring network gear (85%), servers and data centers (81%), enterprise apps (63%), traffic (63%), the cloud (31%) and IoT devices (20%).

Low Confidence in Performance DataLow Confidence in Performance Data

84% of respondents don’t completely trust the performance data they collect.

Lack of ScalabilityLack of Scalability

Only 14% of respondents are happy with the scalability of their monitoring tools.

Lagging Support for New TechLagging Support for New Tech

45% of respondents believe their tools don’t support their strategic initiatives, such as hybrid cloud, IoT and SDN.

Biggest ChallengesBiggest Challenges

The top concerns cited with their current platform are slow troubleshooting (52%), lack of end-to-end visibility (48%), supporting emerging technologies (29%) and migrating business-critical applications to the cloud (22%).

Slow CertificationsSlow Certifications

74% of respondents said it takes 10 days or more to certify new technologies, and 26% say it takes one to 10 days for new devices to be certified.

Support IssuesSupport Issues

Organizations are focused on key strategies, but can’t adequately support them. The top issue is server virtualization on which 65% of organizations are focused but 15% can’t support, followed by cloud monitoring on which 47% are focused but 24% can’t support.

Tools EvaluationTools Evaluation

62% of respondents said they are likely to evaluate and select new tools for digital infrastructure management in 2016.

Budget IncreasesBudget Increases

83% of respondents expect their budget for infrastructure monitoring to remain the same or increase.