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SMBs Struggle With Data Protection’s Rising Complexity

IT Infrastructure DeployedIT Infrastructure Deployed

The IT infrastructure landscape has never been more complex: 79% of respondents still have physical servers on premise and more than 60% have virtual servers, as well. What’s more, 37% already have a mix of physical, virtual and cloud deployments.

Hypervisor UsageHypervisor Usage

When it comes to hypervisors, it’s now a hybrid world. VMware still dominates at 49%, but Microsoft Hyper-V is already at 41%.

Number of Hypervisor VendorsNumber of Hypervisor Vendors

More organizations are getting comfortable with multiple hypervisor platforms: 51% are running hypervisors from two different vendors.

Heterogeneous Hypervisor AdoptionHeterogeneous Hypervisor Adoption

Hypervisors now come in multiple forms: 67% are running one hypervisor other than VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V.

Biggest Backup and Recovery ChallengeBiggest Backup and Recovery Challenge

The complexity of backup processes is cited as the biggest challenge by 33%, followed by cost of disparate systems, at 32%.

Reasons for Using Multiple Backup ProductsReasons for Using Multiple Backup Products

Few backup and recovery products are optimized for all scenarios; 59% cite application issues and 44% cite virtualization.

Virtual Server Backup ProcessesVirtual Server Backup Processes

Virtual servers don’t always receive the level of data protection they require; 54% back up their virtual servers as often as they do physical ones.

Demand for Unified Backup and RecoveryDemand for Unified Backup and Recovery

Reducing backup and recovery complexity is always in demand; 44% report being very or extremely interested in unifying backup and recovery.

Percentage of Data Backed Up to a Remote SitePercentage of Data Backed Up to a Remote Site

Backing up data to a remote site is an increasingly standard operating procedure; 70% back up more than 50% of their data to a remote site.

Cloud Usage for BackupCloud Usage for Backup

Backing up data is one of the primary uses for the cloud. A full 65% report using the cloud to backup data, but 87% of those that do say they also want a local copy.

Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)

Focus these days is on losing as little data as possible. A full 84% have RPOs of an hour or less.

Recovery Time ObjectivesRecovery Time Objectives

Tolerance for downtime is falling rapidly. Almost three-quarters (73%) have recovery times of under four hours.

The Cost of DowntimeThe Cost of Downtime

With organizations running more applications, the cost of downtime has increased significantly. The cost of downtime is more than $60,000 per hour for more than 37% of respondents.