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Big data in public sector

1 - Government ReadinessGovernment Readiness

57% of survey respondents believe the government is ready for big data. Only 10% of survey respondents said they rely on robust analytics and data processing to make informed decisions.

2 - Use-Case ScenariosUse-Case Scenarios

32% of respondents said they use insights from data to improve day-to-day operations while 19% obtain limited insight. Another 19% have not adopted big data but would like to.

3 - Big Data ChallengesBig Data Challenges

The biggest challenges cited by public-sector respondents include not understanding the benefits of big data (60%), management support and clarity on value (59%) and the workforce’s lack of skills (57%).

4 - RoadblocksRoadblocks

According to survey respondents, funding (46%), the fact that it’s not an agency priority (44%) and lack of leadership (44%) prevent agencies from adopting a big data solution.

5 - Big BenefitsBig Benefits

71% of respondents said the increased ability to find critical information is the biggest benefit of big data, followed by improved efficiencies and decision-making (68%) and timely decision-making (56%).

6 - Data IssuesData Issues

According to survey respondents, the biggest challenges in leveraging big data include disparate data across the agency (46%), managing a multitude of schemas (20%) and increased collection of unstructured data (16%).

7 - Agency RequirementsAgency Requirements

Survey respondents said what they require the most from big data solutions includes consistency and standardization of data (65%), providing access to information (44%), collecting data from various data sources (44%) and verification of data (43%).

8 - Application BuildersApplication Builders

Resources (55%), costs (53%) and skill set (53%) are the biggest challenges with application development, according to survey respondents; 54% of respondents use both government personnel and contractors to build applications.

9 - Data CrunchingData Crunching

18% of respondents said it takes about one day to aggregate data from multiple sources. For others, it is a longer process: about one week for 16% and about two weeks for 11%. Only 7% said it takes less than one hour.

10 - Value PropositionValue Proposition

39% of survey respondents said the opportunity to write once and publish everywhere is imperative; 35% said they do not do this, but would like to while 15% do not see the value.