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Data disasters

1 - Indecent ExposureIndecent Exposure

88% of IT consultants have a disaster-recovery plan for their clients, but 39% don’t believe these clients are properly prepared for a large-scale disaster or outage.

2 - Data DowntimeData Downtime

79% say it would take “hours” to restore data due to these incidents, and 19% say it would take several days.

3 - Integrity Oversight, Part IIntegrity Oversight, Part I

Only 44% check client backups daily for errors, while 15% check weekly and 21% check monthly.

4 - Integrity Oversight, Part IIIntegrity Oversight, Part II

8% check only once a year; 13% never check at all.

5 - Methodical PaceMethodical Pace

Only 19% of IT pros surveyed resolve backup errors in less than an hour after they’re discovered; 52% need a day; 25% require a week; and 4% ignore them altogether.

6 - Shopping ListShopping List

39% say data security is a top criteria for selecting a backup and recovery vendor, while 20% say it’s technical services/support and 14% indicate that it’s tech capabilities (such as features and functionality).

7 - Pecking OrderPecking Order

50% give Microsoft Exchange, SQL databases and Microsoft Office files top priority for backup and recovery, while 43% prioritize QuickBooks and other financial applications, and 30% focus on SharePoint.

8 - Regulatory RequirementsRegulatory Requirements

52% say Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance is a major challenge, while 36% list the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and 30% list the Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 17a-4.