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Mobile business

1 - Smart MoveSmart Move

Smartphones save small-business owners 1.24 billion hours and $32.3 billion a year.

2 - Tabulate ThatTabulate That

Tablets are saving these owners 754.2 million hours and $19.6 billion a year.

3 - Awesome AppsAwesome Apps

Mobile apps are saving 599.5 million hours and $15.6 billion a year.

4 - Complete ConnectivityComplete Connectivity

94% of small businesses use smartphones to conduct business. 

5 - Full Work WeekFull Work Week

49% use smartphones to conduct business seven days a week, even though their companies are only open 5.7 days a week.

6 - There’s an App for ThatThere’s an App for That

More than one-half use mobile apps for business, and the overall use of apps among small businesses has increased by 65% in the past two years.

7 - Core FunctionsCore Functions

77% consistently rely on three or four mobile apps, most commonly to access documents, plan trips and manage finances.

8 - On the GoOn the Go

92% use mobile apps on their smartphones and a little more than half use them on their tablets.

9 - No Small SavingsNo Small Savings

31% say they save at least five hours a week from using laptops or notebooks.

10 - Data Use Is UpData Use Is Up

One-third have doubled their use of mobile data over the past two years by downloading and uploading files on their devices.