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Network-attached storage server specialist Synology America
has issued the release of its DiskStation Manager (DSM 3.0) NAS operating
system. The updated release brings more tools to small to medium-size
businesses, designed to help maximize productivity and uptime, including a
faster task switching user interface, NTFS-style access control list (ACL)
integration, more comprehensive iSCSI support and support for volumes up to 1
exabyte. Additionally, DSM 3.0 offers improvements to remote access for Apple
iPhone and Google Android users, a company release stated.

DSM 3.0 brings additional upgrades for business users, including Microsoft
Windows ACL support, which allows NTFS-style
permissions, providing granular access control down to the file level and
comprehensive iSCSI support, which brings support for LUN mapping, MC/S, MPIO
and SPC-3 PR to support persistent
reservations for clustering file systems.

The revamped GUI emulates a desktop within a browser, giving users a user-friendly
and more recognizable environment, designed to reduce training time. The multitasking
ability allows users to switch between tasks, while a  customizable
interface allows the user to create shortcuts to their most frequently used
tools for rapid access.

“DSM 3.0 has Synology continuing its steady march,” said Franklin Hua, a
technical product manager at Synology. “With this latest release, Synology
underscores its commitment to bringing enterprise-level tools to the SMB and SOHO

DSM 3.0 also offers improved remote access to iPhone and Android users in the
form of apps. DS photo+ allows users to upload photos and videos directly from
their phones. DS audio allows users to access terabytes of music on their
phones. DS cam integrates with Surveillance Station, allowing users to monitor
their surveillance network on the go.

The EXT4 file system allows for volumes up to 1 exabyte in size (1 million
terabytes). The company said the file system also features improved performance
and a reduced likelihood of file fragmentation, providing a solid storage base.
In addition, an update to Synology’s NVR
software supports more than 600 models of camera, up to 5-megapixel resolutions
and a live view with up to 36 channels. The company noted Surveillance Station
5 is compatible with ONVIF and PSIA standards.

Earlier this year, Synology released the latest additions
to its NAS product line: the RackStation RS810+ and DiskStation DS411+,
four-bay NAS servers aimed at cost-conscious businesses and offering
energy-efficient features. The RS810+ and DS411+ deliver an average of 112M-bps
reading speed, while RS810+ writes at 107M bps and DS411+ writes at 106M bps.
Synology claims each system takes less than 32 seconds to handle 1,000
simultaneous requests.