Enterprise application software vendor CDC Software has tapped SaaS-based field service and management provider Servicepower for its new offering, and inked a dual OEM agreement that would provide an expanded mobile and field service market opportunity into both customer bases.  As part of the deal, CDC will embed Servicepower’s SaaS solution into its existing eCommerce platform, formerly named Truition, prior to CDC Software acquiring the company.

The platform will now include Servicepower’s claims and dispatch solution and an on-premise scheduling product aimed at helping users manage the entirety of their service lifecycle, including scheduling appointments, assigning resources, dispatching work, tracking resources, and processing claims.

“We believe this partnership will help our CDC eCommerce customers improve the efficiency of their services operation,” said Bruce Cameron, president of CDC Software. “Servicepower is an ideal fit for our customer-facing eCommerce solution and can help our customers, who are some of the leading consumer retailers and sports brands in the world, deliver even higher levels of customer satisfaction.”

As part of the agreement, Servicepower is expected to sell CDC Software’s marketing automation and lead generation solution, to their customers for use in recruiting new suppliers or upselling services and products.

“We believe that CDC Software’s marketing automation solution can help Servicepower customers improve their recruitment efforts of service suppliers and contractors, as well as generating more leads for service customers,” said Mark Duffin, CEO of Servicepower.

Servicepower customers include big companies like GE, Marsh and Siemens. Servicepower also offers complete outsourced field service solutions as well.