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1 - Top Forces Affecting WAN Over Next 12 MonthsTop Forces Affecting WAN Over Next 12 Months

42% of organizations say investments in WANs are being driven by the need for better application performance while 32.4% cite the need to support real-time applications.

2 - Application Traffic PrioritiesApplication Traffic Priorities

Only 22.7% report that they make an effort to dynamically prioritize application traffic on the WAN. But an additional 15% are thinking about it.

3 - Factors Driving WAN Performance AwarenessFactors Driving WAN Performance Awareness

44.4% report that pressure to improve WAN performance comes from the top. But 43.5% say it’s a matter of internal pride.

4 - Impact on Application PerformanceImpact on Application Performance

14% report they have WAN issues once or twice a week; another 29.5% report having issues once or twice a quarter.

5 - WAN Awareness of Senior Business ManagersWAN Awareness of Senior Business Managers

65.7% report senior managers will either sometimes or mostly support additional funding for WAN.

6 - Percentage of WAN Traffic Running over MPLSPercentage of WAN Traffic Running Over MPLS

Despite MPLS costs, 48% report that 40 percent or more of their WAN traffic is generated by leased lines.

7 - WAN Traffic Running Over InternetWAN Traffic Running Over Internet

40.9% report that Internet traffic generates more than 40 percent of their WAN traffic.

8 - Expected Change in WAN Traffic by ServiceExpected Change in WAN Traffic by Service

36.3% expect MPLS traffic to increase while 53% expect Internet traffic to increase.

9 - Most Important MPLS ConcernsMost Important MPLS Concerns

The expense of leased lines is a top MPLS concern for 43%; uptime is cited by 23.7%.

10 - Most Important Internet ConcernsMost Important Internet Concerns

Uptime is cited by 28% while security is a close second at 26.6%.

11 - Biggest Drivers of Increased MPLS TrafficBiggest Drivers of Increased MPLS Traffic

Enterprise apps were cited as the biggest driver of MPLS traffic by 21.7%.

12 - Biggest Drivers of Increased Internet TrafficBiggest Drivers of Increased Internet Traffic

Public cloud was cited by 35.7% while mobile computing usage accounted for 22.7%.

13 - WAN BudgetsWAN Budgets

44.3% expect WAN budgets to increase in the coming year; 31.4% expect them to remain static.