Sizing Up the SDN Market

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    Michael Vizard

Sizing Up the SDN Market

Sizing Up the SDN Market

The Size of the SDN Market  The SDN market will reach as high as $35.6B by 2018; 2012 investments are expected to be $251.9M.

Most people in the industry agree that software-defined networking is one of the most exciting and potentially lucrative technologies to come down the channel pike in quite a while. While no one is certain just how big an opportunity SDN really provides, Plexxi, a provider of an SDN controller and optical switching technology, teamed up with SDNCentral and Lightspeed Venture Partners to size the SDN market through 2018. This SDN research is subject to both objective and subjective assumptions, and may not, for example, account for the impact of open-source technologies. However, even with those factors accounted for, the rapid growth in the SDN market is likely to be astonishing. It will give solution providers in the channel an opportunity to generate massive amounts of product and services sales, as enterprise IT organizations essentially reinvent the data center in the next five years to create IT environments that can truly scale to meet the needs of next-generation cloud computing applications.

This article was originally published on 2013-05-02
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