Data Explosion Makes Backup, Recovery a Challenge

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    Michael Vizard

Data Explosion Makes Backup, Recovery a Challenge

Data Explosion Makes Backup, Recovery a Challenge

The Data Explosion  65% of survey respondents are managing more than 100TB of data, and 39% have more than 1PB.

A recent survey of  IT managers responsible for data protection at companies with more than 500 employees finds that as the amount of data IT organizations need to manage continues to explode, the pressure on network bandwidth is becoming more intense. The survey was conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Silver Peak Systems, a provider of wide area network (WAN) optimization software. Silver Peak CEO Rick Tinsley says this creates an opportunity for solution providers that have the expertise needed to deploy a WAN optimization solution as a virtual appliance, rather than trying to convince customers to deploy physical WAN optimization appliances that need to be shipped and then usually managed separately. The most crucial area where WAN optimization is needed in the age of the cloud is in the area of backup and recovery, which today requires customers to replicate massive amounts of data across WANs that—without some optimization help—are not up to the task. Tinley contends that as software, virtual appliances make this WAN optimization more accessible to a broader number of solution providers that should be viewing replication as a way to give customers a more robust disaster and recovery set of capabilities.

This article was last updated on 2013-03-19
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