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Enterprise Interest in SDN Adoption Picks Up Steam

Enterprise Interest in SDN Adoption Picks Up SteamEnterprise Interest in SDN Adoption Picks Up Steam

Driven by the need to reduce costs and increase IT agility, enterprise adoption of software-defined networking is rising rapidly, a new study finds.

Rate of SDN AdoptionRate of SDN Adoption

The study finds that 28% already use some form of SDN, 21% plan to deploy SDN in the next two years and 25% are considering SDN without any specific timeline attached.

SDN Deployment ScenariosSDN Deployment Scenarios

More than half (53%) have or would deploy SDN with a combination of cloud, virtual switches and bare metal. Almost half (49%) deploying or considering software-defined networking said OpenStack is very or extremely important for their SDN strategy.

Top SDN BenefitsTop SDN Benefits

Top benefits include cost savings (53%), improved network performance (47%), increased productivity (46%) and increased security (45%).

Top SDN ChallengesTop SDN Challenges

Top concerns include realizing cost savings (47%), integration and interoperability (42%), and security (37%).

Drivers of SDN AdoptionDrivers of SDN Adoption

Adoption drivers included the availability of SDN appliances (69%), the ability to partition networks (58%), multi-tenant clouds (56%) and the removal of routing intelligence from devices (also 56%).

Use of VLANsUse of VLANs

Nearly half (49%) already make use of virtual LANs in their environments, and 17% plan to do so within the next two years.

Adoption of SDN by Organizations Using VLANsAdoption of SDN by Organizations Using VLANs

A full 38% of these sites are already using SDN technologies, and 49% are evaluating SDNs.

Migration to Network-Functions VirtualizationMigration to Network-Functions Virtualization

A surprising 16% said that have already deployed some form of NFV software, and 44% said they are evaluating it.

SDN Vendor PreferencesSDN Vendor Preferences

Although Cisco leads the category, with 66% of respondents either using or thinking about using the dominant network vendor, VMware (46%), Citrix (44%), Dell (40%) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (38%) are also top contenders. While enterprises are more apt to buy SDN offerings from large networking suppliers, midsize companies lean more on the channel (including VARs) and niche solution providers.

Top SDN Vendor CriteriaTop SDN Vendor Criteria

Top vendor criteria include system reliability (87%), technical expertise (84%), and customer service and ease of doing business in terms of the sale (both tied at 81%).