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19 Most Reliable Notebook PC Makers

SquareTrade, a provider of PC extended warranty services, studied the failure rates of the most widely used notebook computers. The results are startling. One in three notebooks will fail within three years. Here’s a look at the reliability and failure rate results among the top PC manufacturers.

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In general, one-third of notebook PCs will suffer a catastrophic failure within three years of use.

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The SquareTrade study proved the old adage that you get what you pay for. Premium priced notebooks had a lower malfunction and failure rate than lower-priced notebooks and netbooks.

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HP is the market share leader in notebooks, and has the highest failure rate. Nearly 26% of its notebooks fails after three years.

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Gateway, now a part of the Acer family of companies, sees 23.5% of its machines fail after three years of use.

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Acer may be inching up on Dell for the number two spot in PC sales, but its three-year failure rate of 23.3% isn’t impressive compared to other manufacturers.

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Declining market share isn’t Lenovo’s only problem. More than 21% of its notebooks fail or have maintenance issues after three years of use.

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Everyone wants to knock Dell for its practices and products, but its notebooks fared better than its major rivals. Dell’s 3-year failure rate is 18.3%.

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Mac loyalists claim their machines are most reliable. But SquareTrade says Macs fall into the middle of the pack with a 3-year failure rate of 17.4%.

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Sony’s VAIOs are the BMWs of the PC world: premium price for performance. That reputation is well-earned with its 3-year failure rate coming in at 16.8% — third lowest.

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While it’s introduced lower-priced notebooks, it’s quality hasn’t suffered. It’s 3-year failure rate is just 15.7% — a close second to the leader.

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While not a market leader in the U.S., Asus trumped the rest of the field with a 3-year failure rate of 15.6%.