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Recovering crashed hard drives, discovering lost passwords, performing e-discovery chores and other data retrieval tasks have required tools and specialist not often available to the typical solution provider. Customers calling for those services were usually shuffled off to an organization specializing in those tasks, leaving the solution provider out of the loop. is looking to change that dynamic with a channel program that keeps solution providers involved with the process. The company’s channel program offers multiple flavors, ranging from a simple referral fee structure to OEM services that can be resold. The channel program is broken down into two tiers: Type 1, which offers discounts to partners ranging from 10 percent to 20 percent based upon volume; and Type 2, which is set at a simple 10 percent commission rate.

Type 1 partners will want to take advantage of the OEM program, where the solution provider can offer the services under their own corporate brand and then charge the customer accordingly, while reaping profits from discounts and additional services. offers their partners a vast array of recovery services, ranging from retrieving data from damaged hard disks or tapes, to reverse engineering passwords, to complete data forensics. The company can also delve into damaged exchange stores and SQL repositories to recovery data, as well as pull data from failed RAID arrays. With more than 100 clean rooms and dozens of experts at their disposal, can offer quick turn around on most data recovery chores. For very complex situations, the company offers onsite support.’s primary services include hard drive recovery, server recovery, tape recovery, application recovery, database recovery, removable media recovery and the recovery of electronic devices (PDAs, cell phones, etc.), all with a turnaround time  shorter than 5 days for in-lab standard recovery. Faster turnaround times in as little as 24 hours are available at premium prices.

Of special interest to solution providers is the company’s Offsite Data Backup–a completely automated service that continuously backs up server data. Solution providers can offer that as an OEM service and become involved with hosted backup, all without spending a dime on hardware, training or other prerequisites. has the ability to help with large scale data migrations where a solution provider needs to move data from one platform to another and could prove to be a valuable ally when it comes to re-engineering applications and data centers. The company can also help with forensic analysis, as well as electronic discovery services for those in need of either for legal purposes.

While data recovery services are not new, most have shunned the channel and have worked directly with customers, giving nothing more than a nod to the solution providers involved.’s proposition is to act as the solution providers hidden resource when it comes to those advanced data recovery services and can help where needed; making sure that the solution provider retains control of the customer and strengthening relationships.

Each partner is provided with a custom login to the company’s Web site for case submittal and case management – partners are assigned credentials and discount codes to process requests and are the primary point of contact for the process. will not directly contact a solution provider’s customer unless authorized to do so. can be treated as a long- or short-term solution for most solution providers. Those looking to enter forensics and e-discovery can use the services to get a head start and transition the knowledge gained in-house to provide those services in the future.

On the other hand, those needing to occasionally provide recovery services or shift the backup burden to a third party may just want to stick with things the way they are and leave all of the heavy lifting to