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Veritas is marketing its new Backup Reporter 6.0as a visibility tool for managed service providers with a need to analyze and rein in backup operations.

The product is aimed at IT organizations with runaway storage environments full of heterogeneous systems that make tracking operations a bear, not to mention the compliance concerns.

But in announcements supporting the product releaseon Jan. 30, the company makes a bid for the attention of MSPs, for whom operational analysis means margin.

For enterprises, the product allows the organization to monetize Data Backup and Data Recovery operations “to achieve cost analysis, departmental visibility, and chargeback.”

For MSPs it should provide the cost analysis that makes the fixed-fee format profitable.

According to the vendor’s marketing material, Backup Reporter “easily identifies resource consumption across diverse customer environments and provides usage data which can be directly used for customer billing.”

For an MSP, this data can lead to qualified decisions about service delivery, like cutting unnecessary steps and redundant activities that eat away at the margin built into that fixed fee.

It might also be the proof an MSP needs to decide which clients are worth keeping around and which are a drain.