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Upon hearing his company is considered a potential acquisition target in the mind of No. 1 competitor ConnectWise, AutoTask CEO Bob Godgart quickly fired his own salvo on Tuesday.

“We HAVE NEVER HAD any conversations with ConnectWise about a merger,” Godgart wrote in an email to Channel Insider. “Although I am working on my offer letter now to buy them.”

Tongue in cheek? Perhaps. But no question there’s some mini-drama here. The brouhaha stems from a press release issued earlier today to announce ConnectWise’s acquisition of CoreConnex’s PSA business. In the press release, ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini is quoted as saying that his company “will continue to investigate other potential acquisitions, including companies like AutoTask.”

That’s a pretty bold statement, but not that much of a surprise considering the rampant back and forth jawing that has become the PSA industry. Godgart also contends that he had was the one who originally considered buying CoreConnex PSA business in the first place, but that he ultimately deemed it not financially worthwhile.

Whether this is just another war of words or there’s a real possibility ConnectWise or AutoTask buys the other remains an unknown right now. Meantime, let the games begin.