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Visible Systems Corporation (Visible) announced the release of new software today, geared toward users of Computer Associates’ modeling tool ERwin (Entity Relationship for Windows) who need to develop a more comprehensive enterprise architecture based on ERwin models. Visible Analyst 2008 uses a common, shared repository that dynamically updates the repository as visual models are built and maintained by business analysts and database administrators.

“ERwin users are constrained by a file-based tool. Customers have specifically come to us from ERwin because of our ability to implement an enterprise model into connected subject area sub-models for their development teams. In other words, the ability to share and integrate data coherently was lacking in ERwin,” said Michael Cesino, President of Visible Systems. “Visible Analyst doesn’t have that constraint. Every license of Visible Analyst comes with built-in multi-user capabilities which includes a powerful, extensible and modifiable object repository,” added Cesino.

Visible touts its multi-user, multi-project and multi-model repository as being one of the most integrated repositories on the market today. Visible’s flagship product, Visible Analyst 2008 includes as standard capabilities: ERWIN 7.x Model Import, XML Schema Import/Export for entities and classes based on the W3C standard, support for Crystal Reports for custom repository report generation, enhanced Division Reports to show differences in models and to view those differences during model synchronization, support for Oracle 9 and 10; DB2 8 and SQL Server 2005 Database repositories and custom Enterprise Framework support for BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation).

Visible’s enterprise modeling tools are well known in the marketplace for their ease of use, single user-interface, and ability to handle large complex projects. Visible Analyst 2008 is available in Professional, University, and Student Editions.

Get a Professional evaluation license of Visible Analyst 2008 today by clicking on the link below: