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No, not those type of Serial Killers! I’m talking about good old fashioned RS-232 serial devices! Ever notice how the latest batch of Notebooks, Servers and Desktop PCs are all missing serial ports? The newest technologies are killing off serial connectivity, but devices that still use RS-232 ports and serial connectivity are still around! Multi-Tech Systems is aiming to bring new connectivity to serial devices with the MultiConnect WF external device server. The MultiConnect WF is designed to wirelessly IP-enables devices to provide remote monitoring, control and configuration of any system. It is ideal for applications such as industrial and medical remote monitoring systems, data collection, remote diagnostics, remote metering, security systems, point of sale terminals, and ATM machines. The MultiConnect WF Serial-to-Wi-Fi® adapter, Model MTS2WFA sells for an MSRP of US$279.00. The MultiConnect WF (approx. 3.5″ x 2″ x 1″) comes equipped with two interfaces: one conforming to the IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi standard, and a second one meeting the RS-232 standard (DB9 connector). It supports ARP, DHCP client, DNS, FTP client, ICMP (ping), IP, POP3, SMTP, TCP and UDP protocols. The MultiConnect WF device server integrates a processor, proprietary operating system, and complete TCP/IP stack. Its chassis includes numerous LEDs for visual monitoring of link activity, operational status and power. It is available with external or RS-232 power options. The MultiConnect WF device server comes with flash memory for easy firmware updates. If you’re interested in overcoming your serial killers, take a gander at for more information.

Frank J. Ohlhorst