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Big Data Starts to Strain Data Warehouse Platforms

2 weeks ago | by Michael Vizard

The data warehouse landscape is rapidly evolving as IT organizations move to embrace big data technologies, such as Hadoop and Apache Spark, according to the findings of a new survey that... Read More »



  • Apache Spark Adoption Fuels Big Data Analytics Growth
    As one of the most vibrant and widely adopted open-source projects, Apache Spark in-memory clusters are driving new opportunities for application development as well as increased consumption of IT infrastructure. Apache Spark is now the most active...
  • Hadoop Becomes Mainstream Across the Enterprise
    Hadoop is already fairly widespread, with internal IT organizations driving much of that adoption, according to a survey of more than 2,100 business users. Most organizations are still in the early stages of Hadoop use in a production environment,...
  • The Inevitability of IT Solutions as Code
    NEWS ANALYSIS: As IT becomes more programmable, it will be easier to manage IT infrastructure as well as the apps running on those stacks of infrastructure.
  • Measuring Returns on Big Data Investments
    Much work remains to be done to make big data operational inside most organizations, but they have made a fair amount of progress, according to a recent study, which was derived from a questionnaire designed by Forbes Insights and sponsored by...
  • Digital Business Transformation Picks Up the Pace
    As organizations look to transform themselves into digital entities that enjoy better relationships with their customers, just about every aspect of enterprise IT is undergoing a transformation. Although most companies have made significant...
  • Helping Your Customers Make the Transition to IPv6
    ANALYSIS: The growth of the Internet of things makes transitioning to IPv6 inevitable. Do your customers want to do something that big in a state of emergency?
  • Why IP Is Imperative to Channel Partners' Future
    ANALYSIS: You cannot wait any longer to start planning your intellectual property. Creating your own IP helps give you a leg up over the competition.
  • Gauging the Pace of Windows 10 Adoption
    Although the arrival of a major upgrade to Windows is always greeted with much anticipation in the channel, when it comes to Windows 10, solution providers would do well to remember that patience is a virtue. Enthusiasm for Windows 10 may be running...
  • Data Analysis as a Service Can Cut Customer Costs
    Enterprises still face significant hurdles in capitalizing on the benefits of data analytics, according to a new survey of business-to-business companies. The survey, released by Data Intensity and conducted by Researchscape International, finds...
  • Why Selling IT Infrastructure to SMBs Is Hard
    Virtualization adoption at small and midsize businesses (SMBs) is not as widespread as most solution providers would like, suggest the findings of a survey of 578 IT professionals from organizations with 500 or fewer employees. Potentially more...

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