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How IT Plans to Deploy Windows 10 and ConfigMgr

3 weeks ago | by Dennis McCafferty

As the use of Windows 10 becomes more widespread in the enterprise, so should Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), according to a recent survey from Adaptiva, a provider of IT... Read More »



  • Opportunity: Software Licensing Revenue Recovery
    A high number of software vendors continue to rely on traditional software licensing models, and most of them know that customers are using their software well beyond the scope of their licensing agreements, according to a new survey conducted by...
  • Big Data to Transform Channel Management
    Vendors are becoming interested in big data analytics platforms that provide insights based on a broader spectrum of data than many of them can collect.
  • Self-Service BI Still Has a Little Ways to Go
    In theory, self-service business intelligence (BI) applications are supposed to make organizations more agile by getting IT out of the way of business users. In reality, most organizations thus far have shown a limited ability to execute on those BI...
  • Big Data Starts to Strain Data Warehouse Platforms
    The data warehouse landscape is rapidly evolving as IT organizations move to embrace big data technologies, such as Hadoop and Apache Spark, according to the findings of a new survey that Researchscape conducted on behalf of Actian, a provider of...
  • Integrating Multiple Data Sources Challenges CFOs
    Given the fact that chief financial officers are the ones who ultimately pay the bills for large-scale IT projects, it behooves solution providers across the channel to better understand what issues are top of mind for CFOs. A global survey of 435...
  • How Interconnected Enterprises Spur Business Gains
    The number of interconnected enterprises is expected to double by 2017, according to a survey, conducted by Equinix, an interconnection and data center company. The survey of more than 1,000 IT decision-makers also reveals the biggest business...
  • Why Adoption Rates of Emerging Tech Matter
    Organizations actively using big data, cloud computing and mobile computing are growing by up to 53 percent faster than those that lag behind in embracing emerging technologies, according to the Global Technology Adoption Index 2015. The...
  • Apache Spark Adoption Fuels Big Data Analytics Growth
    As one of the most vibrant and widely adopted open-source projects, Apache Spark in-memory clusters are driving new opportunities for application development as well as increased consumption of IT infrastructure. Apache Spark is now the most active...
  • Hadoop Becomes Mainstream Across the Enterprise
    Hadoop is already fairly widespread, with internal IT organizations driving much of that adoption, according to a survey of more than 2,100 business users. Most organizations are still in the early stages of Hadoop use in a production environment,...
  • The Inevitability of IT Solutions as Code
    NEWS ANALYSIS: As IT becomes more programmable, it will be easier to manage IT infrastructure as well as the apps running on those stacks of infrastructure.

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