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Big Data Moves Beyond Early Adoption Phase

6 days ago | by Michael Vizard

Enterprises understand big data's potential. Yet big data talent is in short supply, which could create demand for solution providers with the right skills. Read More »



  • 10 Quick Facts About Windows Server 2003 Migration
    Along with partners, such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft has been exhorting solution providers across the channel to drive upgrades to some 20 million plus instances of Windows Server 2003. That comes as a result of Microsoft's plans to cut...
  • App Downtime Costs Drive DevOps Opportunities
    The cost of unplanned downtime in large organizations can be as high as $1.25 to $2.5 billion a year, according to new research from IDC on behalf of AppDynamics, a provider of application monitoring and management tools. The study, based on a...
  • IT Spending Growth Plans Shift in 2015
    IT spending in 2014 was much better than most IT professionals expected, thanks largely to a recovering economy, but IT spending growth may be less robust in 2015, according to a new survey from DATA Inc., an IT solutions provider. The survey, based...
  • 10 Key Factors Driving Semiconductor Market Growth
    Confidence in continued growth is on the upswing among semiconductor companies, but "guarded optimism" is the watchword, according to a recent survey from KPMG. The "KPMG Global Semiconductor Survey: Cautious Optimism Continues" report indicates...
  • 10 Facts the Channel Should Know About Windows 10
    Now that Microsoft has determined that updates to operating systems should be delivered as a service, Windows 10 could be the last major upgrade for a Windows operating system. That shift in delivery model—to continuous updates rather than...
  • Windows 10 Gets a Warm Reception
    Given how long it took most firms to get to Windows 7, the next time they have the appetite for a mass OS migration, most are apt to go straight to Windows 10.
  • From Analytics to Virtualization: Change Is Afoot in 2015
    The IT industry is expected to tackle a number of formidable challenges in 2015, according to a recent forecast from Frost & Sullivan. Upstart analytics solution providers are apt to be more nimble—and responsive to user...
  • Linux Investments Looking Up for 2015
    Now that Linux has essentially gained parity with Windows across the enterprise, solution providers have a vested interest in where customers who will make use of the open-source platform in 2015 are headed. In a new survey of 115 customers, Red Hat...
  • Buy-In From Top Execs Is Key for Big Data, BI Success
    Most solution providers know there is an interest in turning data into a strategic asset, but that it takes a significant buy-in from both business executives and senior IT managers to get those types of projects off the ground. The primary...
  • Following the Analytics Investment Trail
    Most spending on analytics is driven by CIOs, line-of-business executives and dedicated analyst staff, rather than a mandate from the corporate board, according to a new survey of 137 business and IT executives conducted by International Institute...

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