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War for IT Talent Heats Up in the App Economy

1 week ago | by Michael Vizard

There's no doubt that the rise of the application economy is driving most organizations today to re-evaluate the relationship between the business and IT. This shift is not only changing where... Read More »



  • Open-Source Software Reaches Near-Ubiquity
    Not only have enterprises widely embraced open-source software, but it's also now their preferred option, a new survey of 1,300 IT professionals conducted by security software specialist Black Duck and venture capitalist firm North Bridge finds....
  • Appreciating Big Data Analytics' Business Value
    Given all the hype surrounding big data analytics these days, no one should be faulted if they thought most organizations were not particularly good at turning data into actionable intelligence. A new survey of 3,600 senior business executives...
  • The Application Economy: Too Significant to Ignore
    These days, just about every organization is starting to recognize that its ability to succeed in the future is directly tied to the quality of the applications it delivers. However, there is a significant gap today between what organizations...
  • 10 Quick Facts About Windows Server 2003 Migration
    Along with partners, such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft has been exhorting solution providers across the channel to drive upgrades to some 20 million plus instances of Windows Server 2003. That comes as a result of Microsoft's plans to cut...
  • App Downtime Costs Drive DevOps Opportunities
    The cost of unplanned downtime in large organizations can be as high as $1.25 to $2.5 billion a year, according to new research from IDC on behalf of AppDynamics, a provider of application monitoring and management tools. The study, based on a...
  • IT Spending Growth Plans Shift in 2015
    IT spending in 2014 was much better than most IT professionals expected, thanks largely to a recovering economy, but IT spending growth may be less robust in 2015, according to a new survey from DATA Inc., an IT solutions provider. The survey, based...
  • 10 Key Factors Driving Semiconductor Market Growth
    Confidence in continued growth is on the upswing among semiconductor companies, but "guarded optimism" is the watchword, according to a recent survey from KPMG. The "KPMG Global Semiconductor Survey: Cautious Optimism Continues" report indicates...
  • 10 Facts the Channel Should Know About Windows 10
    Now that Microsoft has determined that updates to operating systems should be delivered as a service, Windows 10 could be the last major upgrade for a Windows operating system. That shift in delivery model—to continuous updates rather than...
  • Windows 10 Gets a Warm Reception
    Given how long it took most firms to get to Windows 7, the next time they have the appetite for a mass OS migration, most are apt to go straight to Windows 10.
  • From Analytics to Virtualization: Change Is Afoot in 2015
    The IT industry is expected to tackle a number of formidable challenges in 2015, according to a recent forecast from Frost & Sullivan. Upstart analytics solution providers are apt to be more nimble—and responsive to user...

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