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Disaster recovery and MSPs

1 - MSPs Can Play a Bigger Role in Disaster RecoveryMSPs Can Play a Bigger Role in Disaster Recovery

Only 45 percent of IT pros think their company is very prepared to recover from a disaster, but managed service providers can help them implement DR plans.

2 - DR DisconnectDR Disconnect

68% of C-Level executives surveyed believe their organization is “very prepared” to recover from a disaster, compared with 45% of IT professionals.

3 - Disaster PrepDisaster Prep

46% of the respondents believe they are only “somewhat prepared” to recover their IT and related assets in the event of a disaster or incident.

4 - Confidence BuilderConfidence Builder

When DR compliance requirements are combined with DRaaS and an MSP environment, IT confidence in feeling “very prepared” to recover increased by 17.5 and 22 points, respectively.

5 - Knowledge GapKnowledge Gap

71% of IT pros were familiar with DRaaS, up 9% from 2014, while only 52% of C-level execs said they had heard of DRaaS.

6 - DRaaS SupportDRaaS Support

31% of IT professionals will consider DRaaS as an option in the next two years, while 26% of executives expect their organization to consider DRaaS over the same time period.

7 - DR MethodsDR Methods

While 35% of respondents still use backup tapes and 5% don’t use any DR system, 23% are now using public cloud and 9% are using DRaaS.

8 - Rising MSP CloutRising MSP Clout

For DR implementations, 17% of respondents use an MSP, up from 15% in 2014. 43% use additional services and devices at their primary site, the same as in 2014.

9 - Multiple OutagesMultiple Outages

33% of the companies surveyed have experienced at least one inci­dent or outage that required disaster recovery. Of those that did experience a disaster, 44% suffered DR issues more than once.

10 - Leading CausesLeading Causes

48% of respondents report that the leading cause of DR incidents is hardware failure and server issues. Other top causes include power outages (28%) and environmental disasters (26%).

11 - Trouble SpotsTrouble Spots

32% of respondents said recovery took up staff time that impacted their business; 24% said they had to change their DR plans as a result of the incident, and 12% increased their DR budget.