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With Windows Vista, Microsoft needs to please at least two constituencies with very different sets of requirements.

The Redmondians need to pack the next version of Windows with lots of bells and whistles that will appeal to consumers whom it is hoping to convince to upgrade.

And it must do the same for business customers.

I think Microsoft may have a tougher time making the business upgrade case than the home one for Vista. Here’s why. posts prices and a release date for Windows Vista. Click here to read more.

One enterprise user, who asked not to be named, recently posed an interesting question to me (via instant messaging), regarding how Microsoft is expecting to make a business case for Vista.

MR. Biz: how are they going to make a business case for Vista?

MJF: that’s a good question…. I’m not really sure

MR. Biz: no matter how much tweaking MS does, it’s still not going to solve the resource requirements issue

MR. Biz: the 3D desktop should have been part of Plus

MR. Biz: vista will NEVER run on a $1000 PC

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