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It is no surprise that voice over IP is all the rage for business both big and small, and it is no surprise that VOIP can bring strong profits and ongoing revenue to VARs. But what is surprising is that an advanced technology such as VOIP is saddled with phones and handsets that came out of the 1990s.

Luckily, those corded handsets offer some opportunity for VOIP integrators in the form of accessories, and if you are interested in selling accessories, Plantronics is a name you need to know.

Plantronics’ products have been known to the business world for decades. The company has been making speakerphone accessories, headsets and Bluetooth products for years and has become a favorite among many PBX/business phone system installers.

For VARs delving into the VOIP market, Plantronics offers some interesting products that are real margin builders. Take for example the CS70N Professionals Wireless Headset System, a noise-cancelling headset that lists for $409 (street price of about $190). The CS70N integrates many technologies that make it a natural choice for those looking to cut the cords on their wired VOIP phones. 

The product combines a noise-canceling microphone, lightweight headset, long-range wireless and long battery life to create a comfortable, reliable headset that most any user would be happy with.

Users will find installation a snap; the unit offers several options for installation that will make it compatible with most corded desktop phones on the market. Most users will simply plug the base station into the headset jack on their phone and be up and running in a matter of minutes. If the phone doesn’t support a headset, not to worry: The unit can be plugged in between the phone’s handset and base. An optional handset lifter can be used to automatically lift the phone off the hook for incoming and outgoing calls. Users will appreciate the excellent sound quality offered by the unit. The noise-canceling microphone makes speech crisp and clear, even in a noisy environment, such as a factory or warehouse. The earpiece is plenty loud enough and offers an integrated volume control.

The unit offers a four-position switch to adjust the call quality, and Plantronics has an automated toll free number to call that is used to test the device and find the optimal configuration. Other notable features include a low battery warning, an out-of-range warning and a mute control.

VARs will find that the CS70N offers a quick and easy way to cut the cord on a VOIP system, offer new features for customers and bring in some additional profit on a VOIP installation. Plantronics offers a simple partner program that includes training, support, rebates and high margins.