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3Way Networks said on Tuesday that it has developed a short-range “3G” network for military applications.

The hand-portable UMTS network, dubbed DBX-m, supports up to 100 user devices. The equipment packs a complete 3GPP Release 5 compliant system with radio network, switching and packet elements into a tiny 30x56x80cm ruggedised case, the company said.

DBX-m can be used in conjunction with 3G terminals and NATO approved secure encryption devices, and the new generation of secure UMTS terminals currently in development. The system can be used standalone – providing a fully-functional local UMTS network – or connected to a satellite uplink employing commercial internet protocol, circuit-based, or military satellite infrastructure. The radio element of the system additionally features software-definable characteristics, allowing it to be re-banded to take advantage of military spectrum. The system runs on a 5-watt power supply.

3Way Networks’ communications network – which includes a keyboard and high-brightness 6.5 inch display – is provided in a ruggedised and waterproof form factor meeting Mil-Spec 810F and Def Stan 81-41j packaging standards, the company said. The equipment comes with a power connector conforming to the NATO Slave Receptacle specification, allowing it to be plugged onto the standard 24-volt auxiliary power interfaces available on military vehicles.

In addition to its use as a 3G network, it can also be used to try and jam other networks in the area.