By Sam Ingalls

LogMeIn is a multinational vendor of remote desktop software and communication technologies and one of the top software as a service (SaaS) companies globally

For years, LogMeIn has consistently been ranked as a top provider of remote access software.

Founded in 2003 by Marton Anka and Michael Simon, Hungary- and Massachusetts-based 3am Labs was a provider of remote access software and systems management from the get-go. In the years since, a name change to LogMeIn and a list of advanced technology acquisitions have made the provider a reputable, global brand. LogMeIn has a global workforce of 3,500 employees, tens of millions of active users, about 2 million daily active users, annual revenue of $1.2 billion, as of 2019. 

In this article, we review LogMeIn’s remote desktop software, LogMeIn Rescue. Here’s everything you need to know about the product:

• Remote desktop software

• Features

• Integrations

• Benefits

• Use cases

• User reviews

• Pricing

• Competitors

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Remote desktop software

Remote desktop software is a program that gives one or more users the ability to work or manage devices from afar. Remote desktop technologies offer remote access, secure communication and a more accessible, more collaborative culture between personnel and customers or colleagues. 

In the fallout from COVID-19, some organizations have decided to go fully remote and many have hybrid workforces. With users and staff a world away, remote desktop software’s most significant concern is maintaining network security

Customers use remote desktop software to virtually access their office desktop, a teammate’s computer or assist a client with technical problems. Users typically install the vendor application onto a primary device (office) and a secondary device (remote), followed by entering the appropriate ID and password to start work remotely. 

Remote desktop software is quickly being integrated into broader IT services, but for the time being, stand-alone providers still lead the pack.

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LogMeIn Rescue includes the features we expect in remote desktop software, such as real-time monitoring and diagnostics, screen sharing, remote control, file transfer and more. LogMeIn Rescue offers several other key features:

• Unattended machine access

• Integrations and APIs

• Scripting and SDK for in-app support

• Custom and pre-defined support channels

• Mobile device support and texting functionality

• TLS 1.2 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption

LogMeIn Rescue tech console diagnostics screenshot


As organizations rely on a multitude of applications for mission-critical operations with the proliferation of the cloud, LogMeIn Rescue offers several integrations:

• ServiceNow

• Salesforce + Lightning

• Microsoft Dynamics

• Zendesk 

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LogMeIn’s product offering for remote desktop software is designed to meet the needs of both small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises. 

As an early adopter of remote access and communication technology, LogMeIn has built numerous relationships with global organizations. 

We detail here some of the immediate benefits organizations have experienced using LogMeIn Rescue:

Remote support 

For Fordham University, the remote access software optimized the IT department’s ability to serve thousands of students, faculty and staff. With on-demand, permission-based remote support that can remove software rights from the remote machine after use, Fordham IT drastically cut downtime, while satisfying security and privacy concerns. In all, the IT team’s same-day resolution rate improved from 40% to 75%.

Arise is a global provider of outsourced customer service solutions with over 5,000 home-based agents. To enhance its communication and remote control capabilities, the remote desktop software supported VPN configuration and cross-platform compatibility. As a result, the first-call resolution rate increased by 23% and repeat caller rates dropped by 33%. Meanwhile, support requests have jumped 268% while staff grew by 80%. Arise estimates a cost savings of $48,000 a month. 

LogMeIn Rescue tech console Click2fix interface screenshot

Use cases 

Because they rely on providing online services and technical support, IT and customer support departments are two of the biggest users of remote desktop software. With a rising number of employees moving to work from home, more organizations will consider if remote desktop software is their solution for secure support. 

Advancements in global connectivity are increasing the ways we utilize remote desktop software. Here are a few ways organizations have integrated LogMeIn Rescue into their business model. 

More with less: IT support

Make-A-Wish is a nonprofit that grants wishes to children with life-threatening conditions. With 150 employees, thousands of volunteers, and 60 chapters nationally, the IT team often is responsible for web services, help desk ticketing and the gamut of hosting. The remote desktop software allowed them to simultaneously run multiple migrations and installations and quickly resolve help desk tickets. 

Talking about the impact the software has had since deployment, Technical Support Specialist Daniel Rivera said it “changed the way we manage support.” The remote desktop software “makes our jobs easier and enables us to get more done in less time, with fewer people.” He said IT is “always an expense,” but what the nonprofit saved through the software “goes back to granting wishes.” 

Passing the global connectivity test

The LSAC, or Law School Admission Council, administers the LSAT to 140,000+ prospective law students every year and works with 200+ universities between North America and Australia. To support students, testing administrators and schools, the LSAC needed to consider a digital transformation. The remote desktop software enabled LSAC technicians to quickly connect with stakeholders and utilize reporting capabilities, file transfers and a built-in laser pointer for meetings. 

Global remote management

Lenovo is a multinational personal technology provider with a presence in 160+ countries. As an enterprise, Lenovo must adapt to an ever-changing market with strategic acquisitions. When Lenovo acquired Motorola Mobility in 2014, Lenovo knew supporting customers across several devices would be critical. With the remote desktop software, Lenovo was able to supervise and support technicians globally with up-to-date reporting. The LogMeIn team also partnered with Lenovo to integrate an API for managing global agents as a group. 

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LogMeIn Rescue tech console transfer session window screenshot.png

User reviews

Reviewing hundreds of reviews and testimonials for LogMeIn Rescue, here are the aggregate customer ratings and some of the most frequent pros and cons of the remote desktop software:

Review website










Fee two-week trial

• Easy to set up, no training necessary

• Established brand identity

• Added information such as specs

• Remote reboot with login privileges

• Security to allow or deny user account control (UAC) actions

• Pricing is competitive and worth it

• Serial enhancements to products

• Quality of audio calls

• Verbalizing a code for login (to client)

• Delayed status on computers

• No asset management

• Confusing questions upon install on client side

• Too expensive

• User interface needs work 

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LogMeIn offers one primary package for its LogMeIn Rescue’s remote desktop software:



LogMeIn Rescue remote support

Team pricing


Upon request

Mobile support add-on


LogMeIn Rescue Live Lens

Upon request

LogMeIn Rescue Live Guide

Upon request


With the rise of cloud computing and recent shift toward remote work, the remote desktop software industry is in demand. Analysts predict revenue in the market could grow as much as 60% between 2020 and 2025. 

These are LogMeIn Rescue’s top competitors in the remote desktop market:

• AnyDesk

• ConnectWiseControl

• GoToMyPC

• RemotePC

• Splashtop

• TeamViewer

• VNC Connect

• Zoho Assist

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