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Open source software

1 - Level of Open-Source Software AdoptionLevel of Open-Source Software Adoption

To varying degrees, 78% of companies use open-source software. That’s almost twice as many organizations using open source than there were in 2010.

2 - Use of Open-Source SoftwareUse of Open-Source Software

More than nine out of 10 (93%) respondents said their use of open-source software stayed the same or increased in the past year. Surprisingly, 66% said they incorporate open-source code in software they provide to their customers.

3 - Open-Source ParticipationOpen-Source Participation

Almost two-thirds (64%) said they participate in open-source projects. In the next two to three years, 88% said they expect to contribute.

4 - Open Source as a First ChoiceOpen Source as a First Choice

Two-thirds (66%) said they consider open-source software before evaluating other options; 43% said open-source software is superior to proprietary software.

5 - A Matter of ScaleA Matter of Scale

Well over half (58%) said open-source software scales better than proprietary software.

6 - A Matter of SecurityA Matter of Security

55% said open source delivers superior security over proprietary software. Security of open source is also expected to rise to 61% in the next two to three years.

7 - Managing Open-Source SoftwareManaging Open-Source Software

More than 55% said their companies have no formal policy or procedure for open-source consumption, and only 27% have a formal policy for employee contributions to open-source projects.

8 - No Open-Source InventoryNo Open-Source Inventory

Less than 42% maintain an inventory of open-source components, and only 16% have an automated code-approval process.

9 - Open-Source SatisfactionOpen-Source Satisfaction

More than 50% are unsatisfied with their ability to understand known security vulnerabilities in open-source components, but only 17% plan to monitor open-source code for security vulnerabilities.

10 - Biggest Open-Source ImpactBiggest Open-Source Impact

Cloud computing (39%), big data (35%), operating systems (33%) and the Internet of things (31%) are expected to be impacted most by open source in the next two to three years.