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Analytics spending

1 - The Analytics GapThe Analytics Gap

72% of CIOs surveyed are showing interest in assessing and developing analytics capabilities, but only 32% of CEOs express interest.

2 - Primary Advanced Analytics StakeholdersPrimary Advanced Analytics Stakeholders

CIOs, line-of-business units and analytics staff top the list. External consultant and CEOs were neck-and-neck for fourth place.

3 - Advanced Analytics Spending PlansAdvanced Analytics Spending Plans

Two-thirds of midmarket organizations (66%) plan to invest $100,000 or more. Almost an equal percentage (63%) of enterprises intend to invest $500,000 or more.

4 - Big Data InvestmentsBig Data Investments

57% are either in the process or implementing a big data platform or have identified a need; 23% said they already have a system in place.

5 - Actual Usage of AnalyticsActual Usage of Analytics

A full 71% said they either are actively using, or have near-term plans to use, simple forms of analytics. Yet only one in five are using advanced analytics in conjunction with big data.

6 - Attitudes Toward Big DataAttitudes Toward Big Data

54% said big data is not a fad; 40% said big data generates enough ROI to make investing worthwhile.

7 - Strategic Value of AnalyticsStrategic Value of Analytics

98% of companies that have invested in developing an analytics program said it’s a strategic investment. Almost a quarter (23%) of them said it’s the essence of their strategic vision.

8 - Return on Analytics InvestmentReturn on Analytics Investment

38% expect to gain a competitive advantage in investing in analytics. Only 2% see no benefit.

9 - Level of Analytics MaturityLevel of Analytics Maturity

Just over half (57%) rate their maturity as medium or low. Only 5% of adopters believe they have achieved the highest level of analytical maturity.