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1Wunderlist Task Manager (Free)

This cloud-synch task management tool allows you to organize your to-do lists on the go (which you always are) add notes and mark important tasks&#151that would be all of them, by the way.

2Flight Track Pro ($9.99)

There are few things more annoying than unexpected travel delays, but Flight Tracker can keep you ahead of the game with live flight status notifications, zoomable maps and itinerary updates.

3CamCard Business Card Reader ($6.99)

For those of us perpetually traveling to conferences, keeping track of business cards can be a nightmare. This app recognizes 12 languages and allows you to access email and phone numbers after snapping a picture of the card.

4Dragon Dictation (Free)

This voice-activated app allows you to speak email and text messages or post status updates directly to social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter. Perfect for motor mouths that hate to type.

5PayPal (Free)

Make secure online transactions (and catch up on your eBay shopping) with the mobile version of PayPal, which allows you to make payments, view past transactions and check your balance&#151anytime, anywhere.

6Kayak (Free)

An ideal app for making last-minute flight, rental car or hotel bookings, this app also includes airline numbers and information on annoying surprises like baggage fees.

7iTranslate (Free)

As business becomes more internationally minded, it is handy to have the ability to translate foreign languages at the push of a button-which is exactly what this application does. There’s no excuse not to understand Persian now.

8Dropbox (Free)

An easy (and free!) way to synch your files online and across computers, Dropbox allows you to share and send files via email or copy and paste links to share with another app.

9FoneHome ($2.99)

For the absent-minded among us, losing your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is a very real (and potentially wrenching) experience&#151put your mind at rest with this app, which tracks your phone if it is lost or stolen.

10Siri Assistant (Free)

Search for movies, restaurants, or order a taxi with Siri’s voice-activated booking application, which also boasts maps and directions, and allows you to confirm reservations at the touch of a button. Dinner at 8:00, then?