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Indoor and outdoor wireless technology provider EnGenius Technologies , looking to grow its channel partner ranks, has revamped its channel partner program to further reward its Authorized level dealers. The goal is to increase the number of U.S. Authorized and Elite dealers in total by 50 percent by the end of 2012.

EnGenius wireless solutions are designed for large spaces — its outdoor access points can broadcast 2.5 miles before signal degradation begins to set in– with the idea of keeping the technology at an affordable price point. Its value proposition is focused on providing high-power, long-range wireless networking equipment.

The company launched the EnPower Reseller Program two years ago as a two-tiered program with Authorized and Elite levels of partners. According to Vicki Bilyeu, director of channel marketing at EnGenius Technologies, the basic program components (including MDFs, backend rebates, deal registration discounts, etc.) were already in place for Elite partners.

“Another thing we did recently is we put together some training programs, some videos and some applications notes that were in flash automation for those that want to become Authorized dealers,” Bilyeu said.

Changes in the program include MDFs for Authorized partners and free demo products for qualified partners that participate in and pass an online quiz based on EnGenius’ portfolio of products.

EnGenius has built out its portfolio of sales tools and made both MDFs and demo products available to Authorized partners.

Bilyeu said EnGenius’ goal is to bring on new Authorized level partners that are interested in the company’s products and willing to build a business around its wireless products, and then get them up to Elite level.

EnGenius currently has 4,000 active dealers in the US, and Gabriel Maxwell, director of channel sales at EnGenius Technologies, said he hopes to bring on additional 2,000 dealers by the end of 2012.

“We definitely have a lot of room to grow. The nice thing about EnGenius is there’s a lot of opportunity to grow because we’re still relatively unknown to some of our biggest competitors, but that just tells me we can grow at a faster clip than them,” Maxwell said.

EnGenius is open to different types of solution providers with a variety of levels of experience and expertise.

“We like those that have expertise in telephony and wireless networking, but if they don’t, that’s not a show-stopper. We do provide tools on the website so they can get up to speed on these technologies,” Bilyeu said.

Maxwell noted that there are opportunities in a variety of areas for new and existing channel partners. Typical customers include WISPs, enterprise that want to extend their wireless network longer distances, hotels, vacation resorts, small offices and coffee shops, he said.