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In the wake of an exceptional year for AI and hybrid cloud technologies in 2023, IBM is gearing up to amplify its partner initiatives with the launch of a new Service track in its Partner Plus program. Building on the success of its robust partner program and cutting-edge technology, the new Service track is being introduced to create exclusive opportunities for IBM business partners.

Organizations are expected to excel in delivering powerful and modern experiences, and IBM emphasizes the critical role that partnerships play in navigating this complex landscape. Kate Woolley, General Manager of IBM Ecosystem, highlighted the unprecedented importance of collaboration, stating, “I can’t recall another time in technology when partnership was more crucial than it is today.”

IBM is positioning itself and its partners as a driving force in meeting the soaring demand for AI and cloud adoption.

Key advantages of the new Service track

The Service track offers distinct advantages to partners:

  • Enhanced synergy: Partners can expect greater and deeper collaboration with IBM to drive success at both the market and end-client levels.
  • Co-creation opportunities: Tools and resources are provided for the collaborative development of service offerings, fostering IBM Technology advocacy.
  • Aligned objectives: Shared Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) promote increased collaboration and alignment between IBM sellers and service partners.
  • Skill expansion and recognition: The program includes offerings for service partners to adopt and expand technical skills, with badges and certifications to acknowledge their expertise.

IBM declares 2024 as the year of the partner

In a strategic move to showcase the role of its partners, IBM declared 2024 as “the year of the partner” and introduced the new Service track to align with partners working in various capacities, including Consultancies, Advisory Firms, Systems Integrators, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This initiative is tailored to empower partner success and recognize the pivotal role partners play in advancing the adoption of its technology.

Woolley emphasized the economic impact of the initiative. “Every dollar of hybrid cloud platform revenue has a multiplier effect of 6-8 dollars in services revenue.” The Service track is positioned as a significant step forward in IBM’s partner-first evolution, enabling partners to tap into new paths for growth with IBM, in addition to reselling and building on IBM technology.

Why you should pay attention to IBM Partner Plus Service

Channel partners are poised to unlock new revenue streams and help IBM accelerate growth. The Service track’s focus on collaboration, technical skill development, and market alignment positions MSPs and channel partners to deliver exceptional value as clients rush to unlock the potential of AI and cloud in 2024. Partners within the IBM Ecosystem hold the key to expertise, vast resources, and a commitment to client success — a winning formula in the year of the partner.

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