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1Top Data Protection Concerns for IT

What percentage of data in your organization is considered “Mission Critical”?More mission critical data with each passing day

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Do you feel that your formal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) match the expectations of your employees and customers? A reasonable amount of confidence

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How often do you revisit your SLAs to ensure they match employees’ and customers’ expectations?More faith than fact

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Has your management requested that you look for ways to reduce recovery times any time in the past year?Not an issue until a crisis hits

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Do you typically create recovery objectives based on data, servers (individual VMs), or applications?A combination of factors

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Out of the three choices below, what’s your top concern for data protection?It’s about the applications

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When creating backup and recovery policies, which workflow would you prefer?And yet the focus is on hardware

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Would you like your backup-and-recovery software to have the ability to deliver customized, multi-dimensional views for different administrators?A priority for some

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How many backup products does your organization currently use to backup your physical and virtual servers/machines?Two is the average

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Would you prefer a single physical & virtual data protection solution from one vendor or best-of-breed solutions from multiple vendors?There should only be one in the end