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EMC’s security division, RSA, announced its Authentication Manager Express. The newest strong authentication platform is a risk-based and on-demand authentication system designed for small to medium-size businesses to provide up to 2,500 users with secure access to data and business applications through SSL Virtual Private Networks and online portals.

The system employs an intelligent risk engine engineered to provide invisible, behind-the-scenes protection of Web-based resources against unauthorized access. The company said Authentication Manager Express would be generally available in Q1 2011 through authorized RSA resellers and distributors.

Users continue to employ their standard username and password, and security is stepped up when the risk engine detects abnormal behavior, requiring users to correctly answer personal challenge questions and/or enter SMS- or email-delivered one-time passcodes before access is granted. The platform uses a layered approach for added strength of security and is invisible to users unless authentication is outside of established policy.

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