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1Organizations Are Collecting and Managing More Information than Ever

94 percent of the organizations surveyed say they are collecting more information today than two years ago with the biggest sources of the data being customer information, operations and sales and marketing.

2That Data is Growing Exponentially

The average growth rate of all that data is 86 percent with customer information, sales and marketing and operations being the biggest sources.

3Few Customers Are Prepared

While 67 percent says that deriving intelligence from all that data is a priority, 29 percent gave their organizations a “D” or “F” grade in terms of being able prepared to manage it. And less than 10 percent gave themselves an “A”.

4Industries at a Glance

With the possible exception of consumer goods, the opportunities for providing data management services are everywhere.

5The Data Management Scorecard

The delivery of actionable intelligence in a timely manner remains the biggest challenge.

6The Cost of Poor Data Management

The average billion dollar company is losing $130 million a year due to poor data management.

7Biggest Data Management Gripes

Frustration creates opportunities for solution providers to devise better ways to distribute relevant information.

8Industry Specific Applications Are Essential

Solution providers increasingly need to be able to apply some vertical industry expertise.

9The Path Forward

Nearly all executives surveyed (97%) say their organization needs to make a change to improve information optimization over the next two years. Additionally, 64 percent say it’s important or business critical for managers to access business information on their mobile devices. A call for solution provider assistance has never been clearer.