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1Lindsey Lohan + Twitter

The Schtick: An awareness campaign to "Just say ‘No’ to drinking and tweeting."

2Lady Gaga + Dell

The Schtick: Male, female. She doesn’t know. Channel player, not a channel player. We don’t know either-but you still love us, amirite?

3Russell Crowe + Apple

The Schtick: Crowe teams up with Apple to prove how durable the iPhone really is post-Antenna Gate. He’s given a pile of iPhones and whole firing line of hotel employees to toss at.

4Max Headroom & VMWare

The Schtick: Forget Coke. Max Headroom jumps ship to become the new pitchman for VMWare, straight from the heartland of virtual reality.

5Will Smith + APC

The Schtick: The Fresh Prince of Cold Air promotes data center cooling awareness.

6Google + Ed Begley Jr.

The Schtick: Two scions of sustainability get together to have Begley power Google’s data centers via human-sized, power-driving hamster wheel. Because he cares that much.

7The Gregory Brothers + Microsoft

The Schtick: The crew that does Auto-Tune the News charged with making every Steve Ballmer speech from now on into kickin’ songs.

8Paris Hilton + YouTube

The Schtick: YouTube is proof positive that with the right technology and social media drive, even talentless hacks can draw out their undeserved 20-minutes of fame for years.